Thursday, December 31

Wishing all of my dear friends and family in blogdom a very
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Tuesday, December 29


My dear friend, Faith Lynn!

Faith, send me your snail mail addy and I'll get your package in the mail right away.

Blogger Faith Lynn said...
(to the tune "O Tannenbaum")

Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
How lovely is the hoosier!
Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
To buy it would behoove yer!
Your wife's the one who loves you most....who rocks your world and jams your toast!
And so the choice is crystal clear....H O O S I E R !

good luck!
Faith Lynn

Your lovely original ditty brought a smile to Hubby Dear's face...and for a brief moment, I saw his will of steel weaken. SOooo, in hope that singing it to him daily will either a) brainwash him into getting me the cabinet or b) so sicken him of the tune he'll not be able to get it out of his head or c) he'll buy it to shut me up...I award you the fabulous AltAred Art Prize Box!

Thank you to all who commented...I will reread every comment to HD until he succumbs to destiny and brings the hoosier home for wifey!

More soon,
Hugs and kisses,
Paula Clare
aka The Hoosierless Wonder

Tuesday, December 22


Greetings, dear friends. As promised, here are pictures of the "loot" to be given away for the "Vintage Giveaway" to one lucky commentor on my last blog post. Remember to be considered for the drawing you must find some way to convince Hubby Dear that the aqua and red hoosier cabinet belongs in MY kitchen! It has a $550 price tag, but the antique mall where it resides has layaway!  My birthday is nearly upon us (Dec. 28) so I'm thinking someone needs to get down to business, yes? And with layaway? There's NO excuse...?!?! Yet he  has plenty of them, believe me. Meanwhile, here's the coveted cabinet of which I speak:

Oh, I KNOW there are more attractive cabinets...and I know there are those that are in better shape AND less expensive, however THIS ONE is aqua and red AND has a clock and plug ins at the top. Two very unique features. And after doing some online research, the price is right in the ballpark with other cabinets in similar condition. SOooooooooooooo, convince him, would ya?
On to the goodies:


Here's the list of goods that will be included in your vintage giveaway:
2 fat quarters of batik fabric
A handful of Rummicube pieces
2 vintage dominoes
3 vintage wooden musicians
1 game spinner
1 pkg. Jenni Bowlin chipboard buttons
1 My Littlest Pet Shop bobble head frog
2 vintage packs of ric rac
1 vintage heart made from a piece of vintage quilt
1 box vintage stationary (with cute animals on half the pages)
1 red and aqua vintage handkerchielf
1 pkg Vintage Felt Ornaments: Make Your Own
1 8x10 mixed media canvas fabric
1 5x7 fabric frame
3 mini wooden spools
Handful mini clothespins
Handful felt flowers and butterflies
1 pkg Vintage Crazy Eights children's card game
10 blank ATCs

1 Very Vintage McCall's 1946 magazine in great condition. Lots of adds, pictures, both color and black and white, fiction stories ... This is a large, oversized magazine...absolutely perfect for LOTS of creative art...

So, again to recap: to be entered in the giveaway leave a comment on my last post telling my husband why he should buy me the Hoosier Cabinet for my 50 something birthday. I will draw a name on Dec. 29th and will notify the winner of their shipment. HOW FUN, YES?!?! Oh! I am also going to include a vintage wooden box with a handle to keep all of the little trinkets and goodies in. Oh what an AltAred Artist's Treasure!


Monday, December 21


Greetings, dear reader!

As foretold to you (I've been watching too much Christmas Carol lately...) the famed red and aqua hoosier cabinet I have been DROOLING over forever. It's so utterly perfect:

It's all I can do to keep my hands off when I "go to visit". It's display is all wrong...and I would SO love to coordinate the RIGHT goodies to sit in and on it! Alas, I must take photos "as is", tacky yellow sale sign and all!

This is a Landau Hoosier Cabinet...Note the wonderful red it not just SCREAMING to be in my kitchen?

A close up of one of the unusual features...a clock in the center of the hutch. There's also 2 plug ins at the top...HANDY! Somebody was thinking on their feet with this one!

Yes, the paint's a bit chippy, and the ends are more of a jadeite green than aqua (not sure if they were originally this color or if they were sun faded) regardless, I LOVE IT just as it is! Hubby Dear says the price is too high...(to which I keep telling him this particular antique mall has layaway for HIS convenience...) I think it'd make the most PERFECT birthday present, don't you?

Please leave a comment to encourage, threaten, cajole, or ensure of the practicality of such a purchase for hubby dear, and I will enter you in my vintage giveaway...goodies revealed next post!

Peace, love and HOOSIERVILLE!

Paula Clare


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, photos of the decking the halls process as it happens! Here are a few pics of our bedroom...don't worry. There are no creepy ones!

This is the picket fence headboard Hubby Dear and I created. It's exactly what I wanted! The snowman pillow is one of my faves from my sister in Indiana...she's got such a wonderfully twisted sense of humor!


My faithful aqua fan always at the ready...(and most always ON)...

And since we were "on a roll" creatively, we made a picket fence bookcase for all my many yo ucan see, my bookcase runneth over...oh! The mirror and little shelf? I made those!

And my favorite wall in the's my "altar" where I sit and pray and mediate and ponder. The original painting was given to me by a really talented 19 year old friend of mine...the St. Francis plaque is the one I picked up in Sante Fe on our Route 66 excursion. And yes, I collect crosses...the children's book has become one of my favorites. I'm going to take it with me when I visit the grandbaby and read it to him. I hope to make this book an annual event!

Not a great deal of decorating in this room, but a WHOLE lot of cleaning...thus the ONE ROOM REMAINING...

More soon! Hugs,
Paula Clare


Greetings, dear friends!

Armed with the intention of "wowing" my son and daughter in law when they come home Tuesday, I began thinking about something special to make for them. Having just attended an office party, one of said party goeers brought in a box of the most DARLING little treats...Christmas Eve Mice. Soooooooooo cute and "OH SO EASY" according to their maker...

So cute, right? Easy? Not so much...not for this culinarily (is that a word?) challenged one....I can just hear my son: "What's that I smell? FAILURE!" "Faily McFailerson rides again..." And so it goes. I give you MY version:

Trapped like rats under glass. :-)

I ended up making (besides a huge mess) 10. Yes, That's ONE ZERO. And decided I was done. The little pink eyes, (melted peppermint kises...don't ask) just creep me out.

Just more photgraphic proof that THIS CHICK needs to limit her holiday festivities to decorating and shopping. The whole food thing is...well, in the words of Lemony Snicket..."A Series of Misfortunate Events." Le sigh...

More soon,
Paula Clare

Saturday, December 19


Greetings, dear reader!

I am so excited to be FINALLY decorating and getting the house festive and cozy for Christmas! Hubby Dear informed me that he thought I'd "quit this" when the kids left home...he's now discovered that this is something I do for ME. I love getting out all the "memories" year to year...and rediscovering family treasures and fun gifts from friends. Again, we live in only 750 sq. ft. so just how much decking can one do? SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Behold:

I thought the antlers on the clock added a nice touch...what do you think? lol


And YES the tree is WAAAAAAAAAAY overloaded with ornaments, but when friends drop by, I have them pick out a favorite and take it home with them...that way they get something they know I love AND I get a bit of insight as to what "style" and maybe what kind of "collections" they have! It's a win/win I tell you!



Here's my whimsical dry sink...A friend gave me the twisted little tree...I absolutely LOVE it. It's so Dr. Seuss like, don't you think? And the gorgeous mushroom created by our dear "E" and how could I resist the little kissing elves?! (which pay homage to one of my new favorite "classic" Christmas movies!) And  the little tin mushrooms? Aren't they way weird (but cute, right?) Got them at World Market in the candy section...they have sour little horrible candies inside...but obviously I just had to get them for their cute factor. The snowmen were given to me by the sister who now resides in Egypt...they make me smile all winter long!



See the rustic picture and the shelf? I MADE those! NO, REALLY! I went through a woodworking stage when my daddy gave me his power tools. I wanted to show him I could be the boy he never had, so I started sawing up everything. It's by no means square, and I did the pattern by hand, but it is sturdy and has lasted for years! The picture was made with old barn wood found by me and my mom...I just love the way the vintage spice tins turned out!


Hubby dear and I made this little microwave cart too. When I moved into this little "magic cottage", I wanted a picket fence headboard for our bed and a picket fence cabinet for the kitchen. Couldn't find ANY online (always on the CUTTING edge, you know!) so we built them out of recycled lumber from wood palettes. I hand cut each picket with a jigsaw...again, they are not exact, but the more "wonky" it turned out the better I liked it. I keep my pots and pans underneath and have a festive cover of some sort that hides it all. I have come close to ditching it for a new something...but I just can't bring myself to do it. I like it SO much...I WOULD however throw it over for a Red and Aqua Hoosier Cabinet I've had my eye on for awhile.  I hope to go to the flea market and take pictures this weekend. You will just GASP when you see how utterly perfect it is!


A recent windy day afforded me the real white pine in the cherry tin...and see the lovely red and aqua sweets? A gift from Sandy of 521 Lake Street...she knew I was redoing my kitchen, and so she sent a contribution. WOOT!


I just love my vintage aqua scale (I use it for postage all the time!) and the vintage nutmeat grinder. I also found several of the little paper cottages that just needed a bit of tlc and more GLITTER...of course!


My favorite yard sale acquisition...our "faux" fireplace. I have always wanted a mantle to decorate, and now I have one without the hassle and smoke of the real thing! And don't the glowing embers of the rotating tinsel fire simulator look OH SO REAL?!?! NOT! I don't still adds a cozy element to our little living space.


I bought the little primitive bench for my mom at a local craft store...she always kept it on her front porch...I got it back when she died a few years ago. It's one of my favorite things! See the snowman penny runner? Isn't it adorable? You will not BELIEVE how little I paid for it...and WHERE! At a railroad salvage...NO KIDDING! Steal-o-roonie! (E, you could TOTALLY make one of your own! But for those of us who are needle and thread challenged, a store bought one will have to do!)


A few of my favorite little shelf sitters...the darling doe was in a group of Ebay kitsch purchased years ago. The little houses are from the dear folks at Berries In The Meadow.  So SO cute!


3 of my fave magazines: Scrapbooking & Beyond, Gooseberry Creek, and Cath Kidston! I want one of everything in every magazine...Santa, are you LISTENING?

I leave you, dear ones, once again with my be-antlered clock...More soon! OH! Stay tuned for an amazing Vintage AltAred Art Giveaway!

Hugs and hot buttered rum, to you!
Paula Clare

Friday, December 18


Greetings, dear reader!

Here are some more paperlicious ideas for the holidays...if you want to see a photo in more detail, click on the slideshow and it will take you to a gallery view.

Included in this show are:

1.  Christmas ornaments made from Children's Christmas books. Simply buy a few of the simple wood shapes from a craft store, or use sturdy chipboard. Cut into simple shapes and glue pages from book onto both sides of form. Add glitter, edge with a sparkly pipe cleaner, and voila! The Christmas tree never looked so festive!

2.  Peppermint Patty Snowman Heads.  Create snowman heads on any photo or paint program. Punch with 2" paper circle punch. Use a glue dot and stick each head to a Christmas (mini) York Peppermint Patty. Bag in ziploc snack bags, (4 per bag), create a bag topper from one of your favorite vintage holiday cards, staple to the top. You're done!

3. Ho Ho Ho Christmas Card Game. Purchase a digital kit that you love (one with cute, childlike images is good). Create cards by using one image per 2.5 x3.5 card. Make pairs  of each image (for a matching game). Use a picture of the child for a "wild" card in each deck. Package in clear plastic DVD case. Adorable!

4. Advent Book. Purchase a child's board book and cover with your favorite christmas papers. Make 25 paper strips, each 4" long. Write numbers 1-25 on each of the strips of paper. Fill the book with pockets, envelopes, journaling spots, or places for photos. The whole idea is to make a book that the recipient can finish a page a day and then have a wonderful souvenier for his/her trouble!

5. A couple of pictures of my Christmas decor...

Hope you enjoy the show! Peace and hot chocolate to thee!
Paula Clare

Thursday, December 17


Greetings, dear reader!

Just a quick post to say, "I MISS MY SISTERS!"

We ALWAYS have such fun together..."high hilarity" we always call it. Laugh til we're sick...


Besides being ALWAYS up for an adventure...


They are both incredibly talented youngest sister, Pam, writes (among other things) for a monthly women's ezine...

I give you Exhibit A: (You can subscribe here'll be glad you did!)

My other sister, Peggy (who is 14 months younger than I) is amazingly gifted in her own right. Peg is one of the most caring people I know...she works at a Residential Care facility with elderly people...and they ALL love her. She has a quick wit and a heart that genuinely cares...a great combination for a "dietary technician".

She can also sew,(teeny, tiny hand stitches...who IS this woman?!) paint, craft...but her greatest ability (in my opinion) is that she is a  wonderfully thoughtful gift giver. She can (and does) "nail it" every year, Christmas or birthdays, or the most fun of all, the "for-no-reason" gift. My dear friend Gnomey came to me on such an occasion...

The bond we share as sisters is so incredible...besides being the longest releationships in ones life (other than that of parents) siblings have a shared history. When we get together, we sit around and regale one another with though none of us were there to know the scoop! The fun and hilarity comes in when we each share the specifics of said adventures...were we even on the same TRIP!?!?!

This year, my youngest sister will spend the holidays in Egypt, and my middle sister will spend them in Huntington, Indiana. My time will be spent in Springfield, MO with my two boys...but I KNOW it will be  a MUCH QUIETER Christmas than usual! I will miss you, sissies! Perhaps we could Skype long enough to be part of a "fireside chat"?

More soon!
Hugs and pillows of marshmallows,
Paula Clare