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Hello all you night owls! Welcome to the New Year's Eve All Night Craft Along!

It is I, your hostess, Paula Clare. Please come in, grab a cuppa Joe, and join us as we craft into the wee hours of the New Year!

First, you must find a camper image that you love. Not one you LIKE, but one that you LOVE. For example, I found lots of these kinds of pictures online:

THIS is a photo of my real canned ham, the joy of my camping life! Hubby dear and I worked together to fix it up...and now we've taken it all over the U.S...taking particular time to explore Route 66. (Lots of blogging about it...just type Route 66 into the blogger search bar!)

You can get the image for your camper tag and drawings, scrapbook kits:


embroidery patterns!

Even rubber stamps! After scouring the internet, and usual rubber stamp companies, I found this little handmade rubber stamp that I think most resembles my canned ham. Found it on Etsy...of course! 

The process of making the little vintage camper tag is a bit tedious...and there are certainly EASIER ways to do it, but this is the way *I* chose to create my little bit of camper heaven.

First, we must make a "hard copy" image of our camper...This will help us to manipulate the size.  This is done simply by making a photo copy of the image (with a black and white copier) or scanning the image to make a digital copy.

First, stamp the image clearly on a piece of white card stock, using whatever color ink will leave a crisp, clear image: 

 Next, consider what size you want your tag to be. For my happy camper tag swap I left the size of the tags open it's up to you! Because this stamp is TINY (1.5" x 1.25) I needed to enlarge the stamped image several times until it was the size I wanted. (My scanner/copier will only enlarge up to 200%, so I enlarged my stamped image at 200% twice...increasing the size by 400%). I then used this larger stamped image to cut out the template from my chipboard.

Everybody still with me so far? Any questions? Feel free to jump in on the chat in the box at the top right in my sidebar! 

Okay, after increasing the size of the stamped image, and using the final enlarged copy to make our chipboard template, we use the template to cut out our chipboard camper tag. (however many of them you need to make!)

A cute idea is to make several out of the same shape, then create a's one I created earlier in the year:

Now, this is the fun part...pick out papers, embellies, fabric, whatever you are going to use to make your camper "you". Here are a few examples made by the gals in the tag swap...

Here's a fabric camper I created:

Each lady's camper has elements that reflect who they are...or colors they love, or...even the interior decor (the inside "theme" of my canned ham is cowgirl!) as mine did:

And the daisy wheel covers indicate my favorite flower! (You'll note I streamlined the hitch shape a bit...sometimes for practical reasons this is necessary) Very often my first tag is a prototype...a "working model" I use to perfect before I begin the "mass production" process. This saves lots of time and mental anguish in the long run!

SO, the process of applying paper, windows, etc. is fairly just determine where the door will be, glue a "mini 'you'" inside the door (I've chosen to use my avatar face and glued it to a cowboy on a horse! Cath Kidston stationary!) The rest of the papers were glued and chosen to "mock" my real canned ham...down to the red and white striped awning! (I used pop dots to "poof" the awning out a bit and give it dimension!)

What do you think? See the resemblance?

We had a BLAST making these camper tags! I hope you have too! I'd LOVE to see pictures of your finished campers...DO leave a comment and a link, won't you? Happy Camping!
Paula Clare


She'sSewPretty said...

This is something I definitely want to make but probably not tonight. I've always wanted one of those little trailers!

Debbie said...

I am going to make one of these tomorrow (well later today) have to get my things from the church. I will post my trailer and Gnome tags later. Thanks for the inspiration Sis, love you!!!!

Jane said...

These are just too cute, Paula, both the real ones and all your tag swap ones! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Will have to work on that a bit later - too sleepy now!
This has been such a wonderful way to spend some of New Year's Eve! Great idea! Thank you!

p.s. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I may just stay up all night and make a trailer! I had my grandparent's 1957 Aljo till I sold it - so sad - anyway - I will make it in their honor! Thanks for the fun night Paula!
Hugs, Patti

Cheryl said...

I like Camper number 1.

Of course, my favorite "camper" is a hotel room, with a huge bathtub/bathroom, and of course a t.v....

Elaine said...

I hear the road calling! I love the campers wish I had a real one, but will be fun finishing the one I have started. Thanks for hosting the NYE get together !

Pixie said...

These little campers are so sweet! I want to make one, just need to get myself up and moving for the day. Iam so not a morning person and usually don't even feel human until about 10am!

Nan said...

These are so darling and I enjoyed the chat with you. I managed the one project the gnome shadow box. I'll try the little camper next, tomorrow, well it is tomorrow it's 1 am here now. Happy New Year.

Heather said...

Super cute Paula!

Mary said...

Thanks for this! I'm a Sister on the Fly and our local library actually has an adorable camper shape with their die cutting machine so this is right up my alley! :)

VintageBettys said...

We love the camper tags, they are so cute! Someday we hope to own a cute little camper. It would be so much fun decorating one!
Laura and Michele

Melinda Cornish said...

I love these tags!!!!!!!!

joyfullness said...

Hello! I just found your sight through pinterest...super fun happy camper art!! You remind me so much of my wonderful Mom!! I can't wait to show her your sight!!
I just recently started creating with mixed media/on canvas..your video on setting up and supplies was great!! Thanks for sharing!!
and the happy camper..A.Dor.ABLE!!
Happy new year!! I'll be checking in soon!

Shoregirl said...

Featuring this today on my blog post about vintage camping trailers:

Anonymous said...

Dear Paula,

I really like your blog and would like to write something about it in Kixx Magazine (from the Netherlands). Could you contact me by sending an e-mail to

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Tessa van den Broek
Kixx International

Jen B said...

Entirely too cute!!! I will have to make one for my little camper. Thanks for sharing!