Monday, June 30


Greetings, dear reader!

I've kept you waiting long enough! The winner of the rose, irridescent cup is:


Blogger Brook said...

What fun! My what beautiful mermaids! It was certainly a delightful party!

The winner of the fab, hip, mod pin is:
Giggles! Isn't THAT appropriate?!?!

Blogger Giggles said...

You out did yourself! Loved the cake beautiful and delicious! Glad I stopped by!

Happy Hatter day!

The winner of the scripture cup is:


Blogger Heidi Ann said...

Hi Paula, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment about my post! I so appreciate it!...& thanks for the invitation to your delightful "party"!!! This was so much fun!!!...Save a glass of bubbly for me!!!...Heidi :)

Congrats, ladies! Contact me via email so I can get your goodies to you post haste!

The rest of you partyers, check back 200th blog post is coming up soon (this is 195!) There will be a giant altered art and scrapbooking oh-my-gosh-isn't-this-the-best" Goodie Box given away that day!

Thanks for coming to the party...and now the mersisters are going to beach themselves for awhile...their tails simply MUST go to the cleaners again...they have become quite shriveled from all the hot tubbing!


I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to come to the party was able to get here...I've had a few stragglers, arriving as late as only an hour or two ago! Ah well...there's still plenty of goodies and the hot tub is still hot and bubbly...

I am going to do 3 drawings this evening...for 3 delightful items:

This lovely vintage rose teacup. Beautiful irridescent finish...a perfect ending to the perfect tea party!

This groovy vintage pin! Isn't it tres chic? I LOVE IT! You too can be "hip" and "mod"...perhaps YOUR name will be drawn?!?!

This lovely scripture teacup and saucer. The scripture reads"The grass withers and the flowers fade but the Word of God stands forever." Drink your favorite tea AND be inspired all in one fell swoop!

The cut off for folks to post on the party blog is 6 pm Central Standard time. I'll then be putting all names in a hat (the random generators seem so...well...random!) and doing a draw for the three lucky winners of the above fab prizes! (with an additional surprise gift for each!) Oh the madness! The fun! The mermaids are all a flutter with the news...their tails have been knocking things over and breaking them ever since the announcement of a drawing was made! Hey! SOMEBODY?!? KEEP THOSE GIRLS (and their swishing tails) AWAY FROM THE TEACUPS...

I'd better go. Bedlam has ensued...wacky mermaids...too long in the hot tub me!

I'll be back this evening to announce the winners! Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!

Saturday, June 28


Greetings, dear readers! How wonderful of you to come! Welcome to the party! My rose garden welcomes you! Have you been to Vanessa's party yet? OH MY GOODNESS! It's all so AMAZING!

I have the table ready for you...

And look at this fantasy cake! Isn't it marvelous?

This is me at the beach with my mersisters. (I'm the one on the end...NO, the OTHER end!) The FABulous party hats were made by the amazing Collage Diva.

Our travel companion had to (OF COURSE) get into the shot...and although he comes from the womb WITH a built-in party hat, these lovelies were just too good to pass up! He couldn't resist!

(Although I got my tail back from the dry cleaners, my wings were still being touched up...alas, today I shall party as a mermaid without wings) le sigh...

Anyway, welcome to the party! Look at all the party goodies awaiting you!

YAY! I have the grill warming up and the food ready to cook! I'm going to soak in the hot tub while I wait for you to get here...come on around back! The hot tub is hot and bubbling, and the barbecue is ready. Come on in, the water's fine! (This is my imaginary me...but this is my REAL LIFE hot tub!)

I'll be back later to post how to win some of the fabulous giveaways!

More soon!


Friday, June 27


I'm invited to a party! I AM somebody! I AM somebody! Here's the flyer:

I'm going to wear my best paper crown, sparkling wings, and my mermaid tail (I just got it back from the dry cleaners)! HIP HIP HOORAY for a Mad Tea PAR-TAY!

AND because I am rapidly approaching my 200th blogpost, (this is 192) I am going to be doing a FAB giveaway as well! I'll be celebrating both here AND at the party...ah the wonders of technology. I CAN be in two places at once! Blogland, how I love thee!

And how I love YOU, dear reader! You have made my bloggy world what it is today...and so, a fun giveaway...or two. Or three. I'm mad! Mad I tell you! Mad about tea parties and blog parties and fanciful giveaways! I will be sharing some of my "ancient history" photos, (me as a wee one) and some of my recent artwork, and giving away goodie bags, vintage trims, gorgeous vintage pins and much much more!

DOooo join, us, won't you? It will be so much more fun with you there! Oh! Here's one of the lovelies to be given away tomorrow...

So grab a friend and come to the party! See you there!

More soon!


Thursday, June 26


Greetings, dear readers!

I have been tagged by Debbie , who was tagged by Soulemama. I don't know what's up with all this tagging and what's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

Alas, when one is tagged one must comply. And so here is the official "Paula's Palace of AltAred Art" top 10 list.

(In great Letterman fashion, I'm going to do them backwards and countdown style. OH THE DRAMA! THE SUSPENSE!)

10.Gumball Machines (such color...WOW!)

9. Funky Paper Flowers (by LilyBeFunky)

8. Kawaii (which in Japanese means "cute". I don't usually "do" cute. Don't know what's up wit dat)

7. Brightly colored knitted/crocheted jewelry and doodads (from StudioKarma)

6. Art by Regiane...she is AMAZING!

5. These birdie clocks by Reincarnations Functional Art:

4. These FAB vintage finds...what could be more perfect? Friendly Pirates and...

Birds and trees!

3. Getting to travel in the summertime: (see travel gnome below)

2. Getting to spend a few days with my! What fun!

1. AND THE NUMBER ONE THING I LOVE AT THIS MOMENT? (drumroll please) In a week, getting to do this:

More soon!



Greetings, friends! My retreat weekend was at the beautiful Fatima Retreat House in Indianapolis, Indiana. 13 acres of lush, beautiful, well-manicured grounds. One little lady takes care of all of it...behold:

And a relaxing labryinth:

Over 50 "wacky monks" (the loving title my sons have given us) gathered together to renew old friendships, make new ones, and to discuss and consider our calling as Franciscans in the world. I was amazed to discover all the ministry that goes on within our far flung little Order! As members of JPIC (Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation) and FAN (the Franciscan Action Network) we are behooved to live our lives in such a way that the integrity of all creation (human and otherwise) is revered and cared for. Our members work with immigrants, refugees, animal rights groups, environmental agencies, peace organizations, energy coalitions, city councils, encouraging action on behalf of the homeless, indigent, and impoverished, etc. etc. etc. It's truly a great blessing to be part of this group!

Here's a group photo taken in the chapel at Fatima:

You'll notice we are all ages, all races, male and female, clergy and laity, etc. What a wildly diverse group! And what a blessing to be part of such an ecumenical group!

And now I'll sign off in the fashion of all good Franciscans:

Peace, And All Good!