Saturday, November 27


Greetings, dear reader!

Well, it is officially the start of the Christmas season and I have been feverishly working on a project I told you about a few weeks ago: Red Lead's Good Wishes Holiday Garland Swap. We were to create 3 chipboard pieces of garland to be traded for 3 others. I'm not sure if they will be traded individually or as a group, but I made mine to work either way:

My chipboard pieces were painted, then rubber stamped, distressed, and then embellished. I of course had to get a red and aqua piece in the garland! The images used are from Red Lead's new rubber stamps! Aren't they amazing?
I'll be back soon!

Paula Clare

Friday, November 26


Greetings, dear readers!

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone...and you know what that means...BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!

I am scouring through the sale ads to see if there is anything worth getting up at the crack of dawn for...I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, a trailer from my favorite movie:

More soon!

Thursday, November 25


Greetings, dear readers!

Just a quick thought while I am with family over this, one of my favorite holidays! I want to take this time to say "thank you" to all the friends I have acquired via this amazing medium...the blog! Although I've met very few of you I feel I know you and share in your triumphs, victories, and struggles. Thank you all for being so amazingly transparent and honest about who you are and what you're about! I must say that I have been made a better person, in some way, for having known (read) you all! 

A virtual bouquet of my favorite flowers for ye all!

Today I give thanks with a sincerely grateful heart!

More soon,
Paula Clare

Sunday, November 21


Greetings, dear reader!

I have been running ALL WEEKEND with friends new and old, creating and crafting for missions! Here are some of the projects I made as demos and make-n-takes...not being a "real" scrapbooker, it was a bit of a stretch for me to create some things that used ONLY scrapbooking materials. So nothing earth shattering, but here they are, nonetheless:

This card was a favorite...and was super easy! My friend Carla is a Creative Memories consultant, so everything was made with those products...this 3D tree was made with a simple circle punch. 20 circles, folded in half, then taped and staggered to form the look of a tree. A piece of brown paper, a golden star punch, and a ribbon to give the look of a gift wrapped present. 

This gift tag was created by using the tag punch (making two and putting them end to end) and then using the scallop punch. 4 scallops, cut to a point at the top. The bottom scallop and brown paper trunk  is taped down, and the other 3 layers are given dimension by using pop dots. An epoxy owl to sit at the top of the tree and a little gift at the bottom.  A little red ribbon and voila! An adorable gift tag for your packages.

3 more quick and easy tags: the to/from made with two of the tag punches. Each of the other two tags with wreaths were again made with the scallop punch...a unique design and slide tab allow the punch to make both scalloped circles:
You simply cut a plain scallop out of red cardstock, and then a scallop with holes from green cardstock. This makes "instant berries" on the wreath! A tiny 5 petaled flower punched from green cardstock is glued around the center of the wreath to give it a more "foliaged" look. A heart cut in half makes the bow, and (in a moment of either sleep deprivation or great inspiration,) I saw the micro punch that included what I THOUGHT was a reindeer. Behold the punch:
Okay, see the frog in the upper right hand corner? I was looking at the punch upside down and thought I saw a reindeer. Do YOU see a reindeer? Here's a close up of the finished product:

I used the dots that were punched from the scallop with holes. My little granddaughter Morgan is the "star" of the tag that will double as an ornament.

FINALLY, I got these treasures at the Nashville flea market a few weeks ago. I thought the idea was SO SWEET...

Super soft baby washcloths, folded and topped with a "cherry" button. Also, washcloths folded and wrapped like lollipops. These were displayed sticking out of the top of a gift bag with styrofoam inside. SOoooo adorable!

Add a gift of homemade bath salts, and it would be a wonderfully pampering gift for Christmas! Here's a recipe I've used for bath salts and a brown sugar scrub from Sweet Tidings. And the chocolate version is heavenly! LOVE! The peppermint washcloths, peppermint bath salts, and a chocolate sugar scrub! Is anybody else drooling?!

Here's my recipe for Peppermint Candy Cane Bath Salts:

For each cup of bath salts you will need:

  • 1 cup of Epsom Salts (or 3/4 cup epsom salts mixed with 1/4 cup of sea salt)
  • 4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 2 drops red food coloring
  • optional: 4 drops Glycerin
  • mixing equipment: two bowls, mixing spoons, funnel, glass jar
Divide the epsom salts into two bowls. Add two drops of peppermint oil and two drops of glycerin, if using, into each bowl. Add two drops of red food coloring to one bowl and stir to evenly distribute the color.

Begin alternating layers of red and white bath salts in a clear glass jar, using a funnel. Make sure the jar is filled completely to the top to prevent colored from shifting before use.

Easy peasy!

More crafts and ideas soon! Hugs!
Paula Clare

Wednesday, November 17


For miracles!

Today I am grateful for friends...old and new. Near and far. Thank you for being among the many blessings in my life!

One of the tried and true treatments for my clients who suffer from anxiety is "gratitude therapy." I ask that they get a small journal, and keep it at their bedside. Each night, before they go to sleep, they are to write down 3 good things that happened to them that day. This does two things:

1. It causes them to think on POSITIVE things before they sleep...I have had many clients report MUCH better sleep...more rest.

2. It causes them to LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE the following day. Knowing that they are going to have to write down three things at the end of the evening "sets their mind" on the "good and lovely" during the day. This is often enough to temporarily drive away the negative thoughts...which oftentimes consume them 24/7.

Here's hoping that today finds you able to count your blessings...and go to sleep thinking of 3 good things that have happened to you today!

More soon!

Paula Clare

Monday, November 15


On this Monday I am grateful for the miracles of medicine...and a doctor whose medicinal intuition is bordering telepathy...or psychic...or something. 

I've been battling some kind of a "bug" for over three weeks now...(thus the slowing of my blog posts)  The first week I thought it was allergies...the second was thinking:head cold, the third, pondering if perhaps it could be a sinus infection or????  Dear Doctor told me my sinuses and bronchial tubes were constricted and inflamed...not quite an infection and not quite bronchitis...but definitely good that I came in when I did...a prescription and a few blood tests later, I'm on my way. I've been sleepless for these 3 weeks (in addition to my usual "Aunt Beulah" nocturnal evenings) and so have been uninspired, unproductive, and unlikely to do ANYTHING but sit on the couch doing my best impression of broccoli. It's no fun being sick, you know?

Meanwhile, I've been soothing myself with the soulful sounds of the Mamas and the Papas...go figure. Perhaps it's the raging fever...regardless, their music is way cool, don't you think?

Finally feeling well enough to begin thinking about all the swaps I have committed to, I began assembling my Christmas goods...I tried my hand at making a little Christmas card from one of the many vintage cards I have...the colors and the sweet little images of this one were so adorable, I just had to find coordinating papers and trims! The sentiment inside reads, "Such a big miracle in such a small child."

Then I got out a few more of my favorite vintage Christmas cards, and added dazzling diamonds, stickles, or whatever else would make them glitter and shine! I just love the results (although you can't see it too clearly in the photos) :-( 

I drew, cut out and covered 5 mitten-shaped pieces of chipboard...these will become an old "timey" Christmas banner...
And then I have my Christmas games printouts from Kathryn Balint (one of my fave designers of vintage DIGITAL goodies!) and vintage stickers, images and other ephemera that will find their way onto my tags, garlands and decorative hangings...I must admit digging through all my Christmas papers and listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra do a LOT to help inspire creativity...even in a "sicko!" lol

More soon! Blessings all!

Thursday, November 11


For my Daddy, my son, Ian and all our service men and women...


Wednesday, November 10


Greetings, dear reader!

Today I am grateful for puppy visitors at the counseling center!

I am here again to share with you some of the FABulous creations from the mind of The Toymaker. Behold the Thanksgiving printable goodies:

These napkin rings would also be cute as styrofoam cup bands!

This little box could be used to put a small message of thanksgiving for each person at the table...cute, huh?

And here are two vintage pumpkin images that would be wonderful in ANY of your altAred art creations!

Really beautiful, yes?

More soon! Hugs!

Paula Clare


Greetings, dear reader!

Today I am beyond thankful for a warm home to share with family and friends!

Although we are going to spend Thanksgiving with our kids in Knoxville, I have come up with a few easy ideas for the Thanksgiving table...I'll take these along for daughter-in-love's table!

First is an easy, simple-yet-elegant table runner made of burlap! I just love the texture, and if you, like me, don't sew or don't wanna, you can glue gun the satin ribbon to each side and then add bows on the end!

And how adorable is this pumpkin as an ice bucket? Since my "most requested item" to bring to family gatherings is  "drinks", bringing the decorative cooler is a personal touch that I can add! (Reasons for this family tradition found here)

And isn't this a fun and easy way to add a festive touch to your door? And I don't know about YOUR family, but a wreath made of NUTS seems incredibly apropos for my family. :-)

Again, glue gun to the rescue! LOVE IT!

What are some of YOUR family traditions?

More soon!
Paula Clare

Tuesday, November 9


Join us for two evenings of fun!

Hope to see you there!

Paula Clare



Greetings, dear reader! Today I am thankful for a family full of love and support for one another!

My wacky sisters...

Granddogs getting gray in the muzzle...

Grand kitties to whom I am allergic, but still love snuggling with when we viist!

My kids...of COURSE!


A long suffering husband, best friend, travel companion, and buddy!

And even a dog who commandeers the computer!

SOOOO very grateful!

Back soon with something fun!
Paula Clare

Saturday, November 6


Greetings, dear friends! Today I am thankful for our furry friends...even when they commandeer the computer!

It is I, Webster the Wonder Dog...

Most of you know that I occasionally hijack my "mom's" computer to blog and say hello. Well, today I have a few pictures to share with you (in a fit of shameless self-promotion) after a day at the spa...

My doctor told my mom I needed to keep my hair short...even in the winter because of my allergies. They have been TERRIBLE lately and I have been quite miserable...but then, so have mom and dad. They both have allergies too...guess there's something in the air.

Anyway, so here I am...looking quite handsome if I do say so myself! Here's a peek at the cool neckerchief the spa lady gave me to wear. It's Snoopy and the peanuts gang at Thanksgiving! How apropos! Fetching, isn't it?

I'm not sure why, but spending the day at the spa just wears me out! here's I'm chillin with the mom...she's a pretty good pillow!

Anyway, our Saturday is supposed to be spent just chillaxin at home and stuff. I HOPE SO! I'm pooped! 

Yikes! Here comes mom...better give her the innocent puppy dog eyes! Later, dawgs!


Thursday, November 4


Greetings, dear readers!

Today I am grateful for my blog friends...with whom I have established many wonderful friendships. There's just something about sharing a common interest, whether it be paper crafts, art, food, family...that knits hearts together and makes me feel like I have a "friend in every port!"

Although I am running behind in getting my apron pockets in the mail, I have finished them and wanted you to see what I'm sending to Elizabeth of Creative Breathing aka Bluebird Papercrafts for the swap.
We were to make an apron pocket, name our "imaginary diner" and then put a recipe of some sort on the back of the pocket.  I immediately began thinking of the cool 50's diners  I saw while traveling Route 66. And because the first four names I came up with other swappers already used (are we all sharing a brain here or WHAT?!?!) I decided to name my diner the same name as one I saw on the Road...The 5 & Diner!

I always go into full blown "Panic Mode" when E asks us to "Scrap Flat"! "But, but, but" I think, "I am an embellishment junkie?!?!"


I just love the little soda pop image! I HAD to incorporate it SOMEWHERE on my pocket...

I'll be back soon with more fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs, Paula Clare