Monday, November 15


On this Monday I am grateful for the miracles of medicine...and a doctor whose medicinal intuition is bordering telepathy...or psychic...or something. 

I've been battling some kind of a "bug" for over three weeks now...(thus the slowing of my blog posts)  The first week I thought it was allergies...the second was thinking:head cold, the third, pondering if perhaps it could be a sinus infection or????  Dear Doctor told me my sinuses and bronchial tubes were constricted and inflamed...not quite an infection and not quite bronchitis...but definitely good that I came in when I did...a prescription and a few blood tests later, I'm on my way. I've been sleepless for these 3 weeks (in addition to my usual "Aunt Beulah" nocturnal evenings) and so have been uninspired, unproductive, and unlikely to do ANYTHING but sit on the couch doing my best impression of broccoli. It's no fun being sick, you know?

Meanwhile, I've been soothing myself with the soulful sounds of the Mamas and the Papas...go figure. Perhaps it's the raging fever...regardless, their music is way cool, don't you think?

Finally feeling well enough to begin thinking about all the swaps I have committed to, I began assembling my Christmas goods...I tried my hand at making a little Christmas card from one of the many vintage cards I have...the colors and the sweet little images of this one were so adorable, I just had to find coordinating papers and trims! The sentiment inside reads, "Such a big miracle in such a small child."

Then I got out a few more of my favorite vintage Christmas cards, and added dazzling diamonds, stickles, or whatever else would make them glitter and shine! I just love the results (although you can't see it too clearly in the photos) :-( 

I drew, cut out and covered 5 mitten-shaped pieces of chipboard...these will become an old "timey" Christmas banner...
And then I have my Christmas games printouts from Kathryn Balint (one of my fave designers of vintage DIGITAL goodies!) and vintage stickers, images and other ephemera that will find their way onto my tags, garlands and decorative hangings...I must admit digging through all my Christmas papers and listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra do a LOT to help inspire creativity...even in a "sicko!" lol

More soon! Blessings all!


Ann Nichols said...

So glad you are better ! And yes, I agree, thank God for those wonderful men and women of medicine!
Your cards are lovely!

Pixie said...

go on girl...kick that bug to the curb and get to feeling better! glad your doctor has given you that attention something like this needs and hope you are well soon. BTW, those cards are sweet!

Scrap for Joy said...

So sorry that you've been sick...I know that feeling of feeling like broccoli! Continue to take good care of yourself and don't the beginnings of your Christmas creations, can't wait to see the mitten banner completed. You know how I love banners and garlands!
Be well!

A Vintage Chic said...

So sorry you're sick, Paula! Glad you've got it figured out, though & that you're on the mend!

Love what you're creating--always makes me feel better to get working, too!

Going to check out your vintage digital friend!

Hope you're day is wonderful...drink LOTS of water, my friend!


barncat said...

So sorry you've been sick, no fun is it? I know what kind of weather we have headed our way soon, I imagine I'll be doing a little "California Dreaming". ;)

Can't wait to see all your finished Christmas goodies!

NanE said...

Well, I'm glad your Doctor was able to help you but, OMG, lol! Doing your best impersonation of Broccoli?! And I loved your comment on my blog about the advent calender, it's good to know this junk in your respiratory system hasn't affected your sense of humor! Can't wait to see with all the supplies you have assembled! Hugs and blessings, Nan

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Girlfriend,

I'm so sorry you've been under the weather. Here's hoping you're clearing up, opening up and healing up! Looks like you've gotten yourself into a big batch of SWAPS......have fun, but take care and rest, too!

Come on over......I've got a giveaway goin' on!