Saturday, February 26


Greetings, dear readers!

Sorry still so silent...the plague remains a force to be reckoned with here in the Clouse House. I am going on week 2 of being nearly literally bedfast...ack! Would someone just SHOOT ME and put me out of my misery?!? Seriously, I am a far better nurse than patient, as my long suffering Nightingale (aka Hubby Dear) will atest.

However, although I am without camera and proper technology, I was able to scan the wonderful fabric collage sent to me from the amazing Michelle Cummings...behold the red and aqua goodness:

I just love the sweet little winged moon face! And the texture and words and vintage buttons are all so wonderfully wonderful! It put a smile on this fevered face...and for that I am grateful! 

I have been vicariously traveling with the lovely Julie Campbell to Carmel-by-the-Sea and adoring the fairy cottages. They put me in mind of the cottages found in England...I had the privilege of traveling there in 1998 and visiting virtually every historical town on the island. I have see Anne Hathaway's cottage at Stratford Upon Avon:

The gardens were amazing...I just loved the thatched roof! I have more pics of the inside of her home, Shakespeare's home and lots more...I'll dig them out and get them scanned for your viewing fun and pleasure!
Meanwhile, please say a prayer for puny paula clare...I am utterly sick of being sick!

Wednesday, February 23


Greetings, dear reader! I am writing although I am currently down with a plague of some sort...compliments o' the hubs...a little anniversary gift that keeps on giving...fever, bronchitis, pneumonia...and my back is out. Again. So...all in all, life is  shaping up to be quite miserable at this moment...however, while flat on my back, I have the ability to peruse the internet for things I may never have time to otherwise find: 

Behold the fabulous cowboy/cowgirl goods! This lovely Texas candle...


And I just love the idea of your own soda bottle labels!

And these cute jars of cowboy cookie mix!

And these happy western paper goods from Etsy shoppes! Just love the banner...why is cowboys and red and aqua seem to go so well together? 

And this little slice o heaven cowgirl luxury...if I had to have a fainting sofa, this is the one for me!

I love ALL of her goods! More when I'm able!

Hugs to ya'll!
Paula Clare

Wednesday, February 16

Greetings,dear reader!

My dear friend Sandy over at 521 Lake Street is hosting an Easter tag simply MUST go check out the adorable images and get details! 

Also, my dear friend (yes, I have LOTS of DEAR friends!) Julie over at A Vintage Chic is hosting a wonderful Domestic Goddess giveaway! Again, go! Go get details!

Isn't this card DREEEEEAMY?! It would be oh so perfectly perfect in my red and aqua kitchen...although the winged Domestic Goddess and I seem to have VERY different results when it comes to cooking! (Proof in the proverbial pudding here)
However I just LOVE Crafty Secrets Domestic Goddess stamp and sticker line:

 Another of Julie's creations...isn't it the most wonderful thing EVER? I just LOVE the color and the dimension she is able to give her pieces...such a talent!

Anyway, in the spirit of domestic bliss, I give you a Dolly Dingle paper doll surprise! This is for you, Julie!

Just double click on image and save to print out your own darling Dolly Dingle paperdoll! 
More soon!
Paula Clare

Tuesday, February 15


The banner I'm using this month is from a book I created filled with peace's one of my faves:

 The left side of the banner is a page from the book...the right side was added to create a blog header. 

Speaking of quotes, I am reminded of one of my favorite cartoons:

The hippie's shirt reads: "You Want A PEACE (sign) of me?" LOL! Maybe it's counselor humor...but I LOVE it!

Which leads me to the purpose of this post: I am creating a new blog. A blog that will deal with another "piece of me." It's called "The Contemporary Monk" and will be full of podcasts, photos and writings from Sister Paula Clare, the Franciscan monk. :-) 

Yes, it's true, I'm a peace loving, tree hugging, animal rights touting hippie and flower child. But a card-carrying monk as well. I have, along with a dear Franciscan brother, founded the Order of Evangelical Franciscan Fellowship. Click on the link to read all about it. 

I wanted my art blog to remain about my art, but that doesn't mean that's all there is to me! My art slops over into my spiritual life which slops over into my vocational life get the idea! 

Here's the new blog address:

I'm in the process of getting a new computer system, and in the throes of that trying to set up a new please standby! I am also in the process of getting my podcasts transcribed, so those who do not (for whatever reason) have the ability to listen to the "melodic and soothing sounds of Sister Paula Clare" (I suddenly sounded like an NPR commercial!) can read the podcasts as well. I currently have a "test" podcast up if you'd like to check it out. It was created when I was a chaplain for another Franciscan Order.

Anyway, you, my bloggy friends, are the first to know! More info as it develops! 

sr Paula Clare, OEFF


Greetings, dear readers!

Just a quick note to point you all to Elaine's blog, Honeysuckle Hollow...she's new to blogdom and has been quite a hoot to get to know! I met her at the New Years Eve Craft Along, (she stayed up with me for the entire evening!) and then won the FABulous grand prize giveaway! Behold:

She talks about her wee gnome's first adventure here:

And her papercrafting skills?! Although she SAYS she is a novice, I find it hard to believe when looking at the wonderful banner she made Sandy over at 521 Lake Street. Behold the eye candy:

 You simply MUST go visit! Go! Go now!

More soon!

Monday, February 14


Greetings, dear readers!

As promised, here are the Valentines I have received so far for my Valentine swap!
 This lovely Paris-inspired beauty from glittery and girly and wonderful!
 This one reminds me that summertime will be here again...SOMEDAY! Also came with some wonderful Dubble Bubble Bubble gum. LOVE! From Renee:
 From Michle at Old Machala Farm...look how sweet are those faces!
And Sandy ALWAYS spoils me and includes something sweet...Love the valentine scotty dog!
 From another "Clueless" friend, Betty. She thought a Dolly Dingle swap meant all the Valentines had to be Dolly Dingle...I'm SO GLAD she was confused! lol
 And this precious little girl from Lisa...she said she saved her just for me! YAY! Note the PERFECT red and aqua background! LOVE IT!
THANK YOU my dear swap buddies! I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends in blogdom!

The background of these pics is the lid to the dozen heart-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnuts purchased for the church staff...a 9.95 dozen came with 10 "Free Doughnut" or "Free Coffee" valentines for me to give they got a doughnut for now, and one for later! SWEET!

I hope you all had a love-filled day...more soon!

Paula Clare


Here is the  fabric collage created for Michelle Cummings...I've called it "My Gypsy Heart":

I hope she likes it! You can see the other collages via McLinky here:

More soon!


A fun new thing I'm doing is Pinterest (see my sidebar). It's a cool way to find cool things from cool blogs and websites. Did I mention it was COOL!?!? lol

Here are some of my Valentine faves:

LOVELY! More soon!


Greetings, dear readers!

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with the Gnomeo weekend became madness got away from me. :-)  I am here now to review said movie!

The movie was wonderful...and I can say honestly that it was "child appropriate" in that there were no underlying political messages, no looming dark, evil characters, and no sexual innuendo in the whole movie. REFRESHING! A kid's movie that was actually MADE for kids...(with the exception of a reference or two which children would have no idea about...unless they are "Nick at Night" tv groupies. 

The delightful Cuban flamingo was trying to decipher Shroomie's frantic message (Shroomie is Gnomeo's pet mushroom...of COURSE!) and interpreted the hysteria to be "Timmy's in the well?! Gnomeo is in the well? Who fell in the well?!" No current day child would know the flamingo was referring to Timmy of Lassie fame, nor of all the mockery made of this now infamous episode over the years! Hilarious! Of course, the only ones laughing were the 40+

The best part of the entire movie was the Elton John/Nelly Furtado duo that comprised the soundtrack. Introducing a new generation to the music of Elton John? Not a bad idea...and who really didn't LOVE Crocodile Rock? I've been an Elton John fan forever, and, even at the mocking jeers of my family, have nearly worn out his CDs. This movie, along with his teaming up with Furtado was a new and fresh way to bring his music back around again.


Be back soon with my Valentines from bloggy friends!

Friday, February 11


Greetings, dear readers! I thought I'd share with you a podcast created to help those of you who may just be entering the wonderful world of altered art! I hope you find it helpful, amusing, or at least, a happy time waster!  Enjoy!

 More soon!


This from the CraftyChica!

And for the gnomeilicious birthday party? How about these?

I'll post a review of the show later this afternoon! 
Paula Clare


Going to have a bit of mindless R & R today...going to see this with a friend:

You MIGHT say it's previews of coming attractions (WINK)!

More soon,
Paula Clare

Thursday, February 10


Long enough for me to tell you to look HERE

for E's Happy Homemaker Tag Along! As it turns out, a new blog made my guest hostessing E is there, hostessing with her usual panache!

I am getting ready to go add my tag to McLinky, but wanted to play "show n tell" here first. Here's February's Happy Homemaker Tag:

One thing I try to do is to keep a consistent element or two present on each tag...this gives them the feel of being part of a set. One element I'm repeating from last month's tag is to have the month listed somewhere on the tag...since February is Valentines day and my anniversary, the month is on a heart-shaped piece of chipboard. :-)
I try to have at least 3 different elements on a tag when I create one...these include rubons, stickers, pop dots, fabric trims, etc. On this tag, I have used a rub-on of pennants and string for the cowgirl. I also used a home made sticker by printing out the puppy twice, and then pop-dotting (can I make that word a verb?) one image on top of the other to give dimension. I use this technique a lot and really like the effect. 

(Sorry about the blurry, crummy pictures. The autofocus leaves something to be desired...AND I am using a borrowed camera from a I'm sure I'm not using it correctly. Operator failure...yet again. :-( )

And here is the back of my tag...another consistent element throughout the set will be houses. I will have at least one on every tag...this side is very clean and straightforward. Sometimes I like the contrast. My usually too-busy-embellished-to-death style leaves no place for the eye to the flip side of the tags will give you that. With my compliments. lol

The valentines ALL go in the mail today, along with all the other long overdue packages and prizes! Hooray! Just doing my bit to keep the United States Postal Service in business. I'm going to have to actually make a trip to the Post Office, as my mail carrier would fall out on my stoop if he saw the amount of envelopes and packages I am mailing...I'll spare the dear man his heart attack for another day. (WINK)

Back soon with an exciting annoucement! Hugs!

Paula Clare