Monday, February 14


Greetings, dear readers!

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with the Gnomeo weekend became madness got away from me. :-)  I am here now to review said movie!

The movie was wonderful...and I can say honestly that it was "child appropriate" in that there were no underlying political messages, no looming dark, evil characters, and no sexual innuendo in the whole movie. REFRESHING! A kid's movie that was actually MADE for kids...(with the exception of a reference or two which children would have no idea about...unless they are "Nick at Night" tv groupies. 

The delightful Cuban flamingo was trying to decipher Shroomie's frantic message (Shroomie is Gnomeo's pet mushroom...of COURSE!) and interpreted the hysteria to be "Timmy's in the well?! Gnomeo is in the well? Who fell in the well?!" No current day child would know the flamingo was referring to Timmy of Lassie fame, nor of all the mockery made of this now infamous episode over the years! Hilarious! Of course, the only ones laughing were the 40+

The best part of the entire movie was the Elton John/Nelly Furtado duo that comprised the soundtrack. Introducing a new generation to the music of Elton John? Not a bad idea...and who really didn't LOVE Crocodile Rock? I've been an Elton John fan forever, and, even at the mocking jeers of my family, have nearly worn out his CDs. This movie, along with his teaming up with Furtado was a new and fresh way to bring his music back around again.


Be back soon with my Valentines from bloggy friends!


Jane said...

Sounds like a cute movie! Paula, I love your valentine - received it Saturday - what fun! I've taken a photo of it & will post it soon. Now, I'd like to ask a favor - I forgot to take a picture of the one I sent you :( Would you mind taking a picture & emailing it to me? I'd appreciate it so much!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Steve Finnell said...

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Christy said...

Happy Valentine's Day Paula!!

Sandy said...

When I first saw the ad for this movie, I knew you had to see it!!!! I told Wayne that I had a friend that would be there the first day! LOL He laughed, and said why am I not surprised? He thinks we are all kids at heart, us bloggers.....:):)