Tuesday, May 4


Greetings dear reader!

At the behest of my dear friend Elizabeth, I am hosting a summer VINTAGE CAMPER TAG ALONG! I have had so many readers comment about my little canned ham, and I thought it would be great fun to have a tag ring FULL of assorted vintage campers. SOooooooooooo, here's the deal:

1. Create your favorite vintage camper...it can be a little "canned ham" like mine:

A vintage airstream:

A gorgeous vintage caravan:

or a vintage VW van/camper:

Whatever kind of camper you'd like to create! Please email me or leave a comment on this post to let me know you'd like to join in the swap!

Here are the suggested parameters for each tag:

1. You will create 1 tag for each member of the swap...I will limit the number at 20 participants, so you will make no more than 20 tags. (It's not as daunting a task as you might think! Once you get the "system" worked out, you can easily switch over to "mass production"! It's FUN!) 

2. Make your tag in the shape of whatever camper you are commemorating!

 3. Make each tag no larger than 4x6. 

4. Make sturdy tags by using the "sandwich" method of creating...cardstock, chipboard, cardstock. 

5. Punch a hole somewhere in the tag, include a ribbon!

6. Please be sure to include your name or the name of your blog on the tag.

7. Also include the kind of camper you're creating: example: 1957 Caravan, 1963 Airstream, etc.

8. Please mail to me by July 4...THE most traveled (camped) holiday of the year!

9. If you can, please include $3.00 for shipping. 

I will gather all of the tags and send them back to you on a sturdy ring, which will include a dated "Happy Camper" tag from me!

YAY! How FUN will this be! I am SO excited! I'll be back to show you my completed camper tag...I hope you like it! 

Happy Camping!

Paula Clare


Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Paula...this is just too much fun. If I weren't already signed up for a bunch of swaps I would join in but I must let this one pass me by. I will, however be so happy to see all of the finished tags...you should get a great variety!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Oh My! Thanx for Hosting this Awesome Swap! Please Count Me In! I will be making a reproduction of my Own Tiny TinCan Cottage - A 1964 (year I was born) Shasta Compaq! Yeah!!! I'm So Excited! And So Nice to meet another TinCan Cottage Gal!

Sunshiny Daze,

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

I wanna' do this!!!! Count me in please.

By the way, E doesn't want me to tell her when I'm coming for a trip to visit with her, but I'd like your suggestion on time of year. I can't do cold, wet or humid, so if there is any time during the year that you all out there don't have any of that, I'd like to schedule a visit. She told me to ask you, cause it's too nerve wracking for her to even think about it.....;o)


Linda Ruthie said...

Hi Paula,
I would love to play along with you. (If you'll have me.) We have always tented, so I don't have my very own vintage camper, but I immediately thought a vintage Teardrop would make an adorable tag. This looks like a ton of fun.

Sandy said...

How can I say no???? This will be a blast!!!! I already have ideas in my head....so we can use a photo as part of out tag???? Count me in too! :)

Cindy said...

Evening Paula..I was driving thru people's neighborhoods tonight..and I slammed on my brakes..WHATTTT a trailer swap..this is right up my alley..and the timing is just right.Our personel RV is a 40ft 5th..but my dream RV would be all mine!!!I could decorate it and pull it anywhere I wanted to go..someday!!But for now..I would love to join in the swap.
Thank you for doing this.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

and Full Timing Like a Chinese Fire Drill

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, You my Fairy Godmother on this Mother's Day! You thrill me to no end that you are hosting a camper swap! I see you have met the two camper girls I have come across. I just knew they would love meeting you! Can our campers have adornments? EAK! I had better get finished with my postcards so I can begin playing! YIPPIE SKIPPY! OH, Happy Mother's Day, the reason I popped by! Elizabeth

Stevie said...

Oh my! I would LOVE to join this swap as well! May we add dimensional embellies to our campers?


Samantha said...

Hi Paula Clare, I found you from Elizabeth's blog and saw that you're having a swap. Don't know if you're accepting non-bloggers, but if you are I would love to join in the fun! I dream of owning a little trailer of my own someday. :) I couldn't get your email link to work from my computer...I'm definitely not a techie. :)
My email is
sammiranda65 @ yahoo dot com