Tuesday, December 21


Greetings, dear readers!

I have been in love with Dolly Dingle paper dolls forever...the chubby cheeks and knees just slay me! Anyway, I have been saving this journaling spot/paper doll for you! It's from Crafty Secrets...isn't it adorable?

My dear friend Elizabeth will be having a Dolly Dingle Valentines Day Swap...here's your chance to get a Dolly Dingle image to use and share!

I was incredibly blessed by Meri of ImagiMeri's Creations! She sent me an entire paper doll book of Dolly Dingle...a paper doll for every season! I couldn't wait to share these with you!  Just click on them so they are full size, then right click to save! SO SO cute! 

I hope you enjoy these sweet paper dolls! I'll be sharing more at my New Years Eve All Night Craft Along! I hope you're planning to join us?!

More soon!

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