Tuesday, March 29


Greetings, dear reader!

Just a note to say the "pick your favorite shape" Vintage Camper Unofficial Poll will end on Friday, April 1 at 12 noon! Get your votes in to be included in the drawing for a FABulous prize! (I'll share more about THAT in my next post!) Let's get to it! Chop! Chop! 

Thus far the 1957 Aljo is the runaway winner...but there is still time to choose YOUR favorite shape! 

The above is a picture of our own vintage camper...a 13' 1971 Fleetwood Camper. It was a 1970's nightmare in "Harvest Gold" until I worked my aqua and cowgirl magic on it!

Be back soon! Hugs!

Paula Clare

Thursday, March 24


Greetings, dear readers!

It's seems like ages since I wrote an official post here at the Palace. I have been busy to be sure, but something bigger is going on. Suffice to say the winds of change have been blowing hard at the Palace this last month! I'll tell you more when I'm able!

Meanwhile, I'm taking a very "unofficial" poll. I'd like to know which of these vintage camper shapes is your favorite? I know many of them are very similar, but
try to choose just one, okay? 

Just leave a comment describing which one is your fave...I'll choose at random from the comments for a little prize...(you'll LOVE it!)  You're actually helping me make a decision about something...more on THAT later too!

More soon! Hugs!
Paula Clare

Sunday, March 6


Greetings, dear readers!
As many of you who know me know, I am an altAred artist...aka DABBLER. Dabble in this, dabble in that. The world is my art palette and anything in it fair game to become altAred treasures! Something I've been wanting to do for a very long time is to create religious jewelry. Because I love religious relics of any kind, specifically vintage rosaries and medals, I have repurposed several old rosaries found at the Nashville, TN flea market. They came from an estate, and were in a tangled mess in the bottom of a vendor's display case. Having my grandmother's ability to see a "silk purse from a sow's ear" (a rather cruel and odd Arkansas colloquialism!)

I have created 4 different pieces...each unique and handmade! (I again apologize for the photos...I have been reduced to using my CELL PHONE as a camera! What a horrendous ordeal! AND lousy pictures!) So I will try to describe each piece...All four are seen in the first photo.

The four necklaces are Gypsy Hodge Podge (Multi-Colored stones and ceramic beads),  Little Sister Choker, (Red and Aqua) Sister Dalia's Rosary (Black Onyx) and Aunt Beulah's Beau (Citron).

Sister Dalia's Rosary is a vintage rosary with silver chain link and alternating smooth and carved onyx beads. (22" long from center to tip of crucifix) The crucifix (2" long), a flaming heart charm, and 3 faceted ruby beads (symbolizing the Trinity) hang at the end of a Christ medallion. There are also an angel (Jillel representing wisdom and love) , an angel's wing, a Sacred Heart of Christ and filigree heart charms attached throughout the rosary. 

Aunt Beulah's Beau is a vintage citron (yellow) glass beaded rosary with copper/brass chain link. (16.5" long from center to end of crucifix) Hanging in the middle of the rosary is a brass chain with a brass cameo locket. Very old and well worn...inside is a very faded picture of a man in a fedora...I imagine him to be an admirer of Beulah's...one that she kept secret within the locket and worn close to her heart. The locket is about 2" long, and 1.5" wide. The locket is lovely in its own right and would make a great stand alone piece. However, I felt the addition of the locket to the well-loved rosary gave the piece a decidedly feminine feel.  A brass and wooden crucifix (2" long), a charm of Mother Mary, and two brass medals complete this uniquely wonderful necklace!

Little Sister Choker is a shorter, more contemporary version of a rosary "style" necklace. Red faceted beads and turquoise beads in a random pattern with hand turned silver links connecting. A vintage Mother Mary medal is the centerpiece of this necklace. About 18" long (with additional chain added) finished with a lobster claw clasp. Darling worn with the Gypsy Hodge Podge necklace described below!

My favorite creation thus far! A colorful hodge podge of gypsy goodness! Smooth round, etched, oval, and disc-shaped beads (aqua, yellow, orange, and olive), with genuine natural red coral and turquoise nuggets. Assorted silver separator pieces. Hand designed and strung on sturdy 18 gauge wire. Double lobster clasps. A generous 28" long. Vintage cross (1.5") and oval medals, and a small Our Lady of Guadalupe charm,finish this fabulously chunky eyecatcher! (Matching earrings available upon request).

 Price List:
Sister Dalia's Rosary   $30 +Shipping
Aunt Beulah's Beau    $45 +Shipping
Little Sister Choker   $20  +Shipping
Gypsy Hodge Podge   $75 +Shipping

All proceeds go to Franciscan Urban Mission and the Order of Evangelical Franciscan Fellowship. Comment or email with any questions! 

More soon, friends!
Paula Clare

Thursday, March 3


Greetings, dear reader!

I am happy to report that the rumors of my death have been (slightly) exaggerated! I'm baaaaaaaaack! Today is the last day of my antibiotic and apparently the first day of my recovery from the dread malaise that has afflicted me! 

And I have already got my Happy Homemaker Tag finished for the month! As I shared with you last time, (I think...if not, go to my monk blog and check it out: http://thecontemporarymonk.blogspot.com/2011/03/lenten-season.html) March is madness for me! Good madness to be sure, but madness all the same!

Anyway, I thought I'd get my tag done early...sorry for the terrible photo...I'm not sure why my scanner is now failing me. Don't you just love the handmade buttons? I know cherries have little to do with March, but I just envisioned green as "fresh" and fresh made me think "fruit" and...well...that's the scary way my mind works!

(Sheesh! A computer, camera and now printer/scanner all in the course of a few months. I'm having techno withdrawals! Since NONE of these happy little items are inexpensive little trinkets, I shall have to save and budget and work some kind of financial magic to have them all again.) This is the back of the tag...and it's much clearer...again, no idea why.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Going to post over at E's "Happy Homemaker Tag" website! Hugs!

Paula Clare