Wednesday, November 17


For miracles!

Today I am grateful for friends...old and new. Near and far. Thank you for being among the many blessings in my life!

One of the tried and true treatments for my clients who suffer from anxiety is "gratitude therapy." I ask that they get a small journal, and keep it at their bedside. Each night, before they go to sleep, they are to write down 3 good things that happened to them that day. This does two things:

1. It causes them to think on POSITIVE things before they sleep...I have had many clients report MUCH better sleep...more rest.

2. It causes them to LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE the following day. Knowing that they are going to have to write down three things at the end of the evening "sets their mind" on the "good and lovely" during the day. This is often enough to temporarily drive away the negative thoughts...which oftentimes consume them 24/7.

Here's hoping that today finds you able to count your blessings...and go to sleep thinking of 3 good things that have happened to you today!

More soon!

Paula Clare


Cindy said...

Paula love that idea! I will be opening up a Prayer and Praise time on Sunday over at "Mornin Glories" in the Wildwood Chapel.
I think it is important not only to ask..but to Thank and Praise.

I will start the journal this week..thanks for the advice.

Love that song..and I love "Count Your Many blessings name them one by one..see what God has done." the hymn.

Hugs Cindy

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula,

That's one of my favorite songs and I always have it in my Christmas mix of songs.


Linda Ruthie said...

Now I want to pop in my White Christmas video and watch the whole movie. :-)
I'm not sure when I began or even what started it, but each night after I turn out the light, I thank God for each blessing I can remember from the day. Only then, do I pray for continued blessings for myself and my family and friends. Most nights I never get to that point and I do fall asleep counting my blessings.

Home and Heart said...

A great idea for us all. I LOVE Bing Crosby, and this is a classic!!