Monday, December 21


Greetings, dear reader!

As foretold to you (I've been watching too much Christmas Carol lately...) the famed red and aqua hoosier cabinet I have been DROOLING over forever. It's so utterly perfect:

It's all I can do to keep my hands off when I "go to visit". It's display is all wrong...and I would SO love to coordinate the RIGHT goodies to sit in and on it! Alas, I must take photos "as is", tacky yellow sale sign and all!

This is a Landau Hoosier Cabinet...Note the wonderful red it not just SCREAMING to be in my kitchen?

A close up of one of the unusual features...a clock in the center of the hutch. There's also 2 plug ins at the top...HANDY! Somebody was thinking on their feet with this one!

Yes, the paint's a bit chippy, and the ends are more of a jadeite green than aqua (not sure if they were originally this color or if they were sun faded) regardless, I LOVE IT just as it is! Hubby Dear says the price is too high...(to which I keep telling him this particular antique mall has layaway for HIS convenience...) I think it'd make the most PERFECT birthday present, don't you?

Please leave a comment to encourage, threaten, cajole, or ensure of the practicality of such a purchase for hubby dear, and I will enter you in my vintage giveaway...goodies revealed next post!

Peace, love and HOOSIERVILLE!

Paula Clare


vivian said...

this is for your husband... "you are getting sleepy.. very sleepy! (hey close your eyes!) you love your wife.. you want to make her very happy... she loves the hoosier.. you want to buy it for her.. you REALLY do.. You will go put it on layaway for her birthday! She will love you and you will be happy too!"
Ok. how was that Paula? good luck!
have a great day

Scrap for Joy said...

The Hoosier is a beauty...I've never seen one like that. I too have wanted one forever (the traditional one) but right now I don't have room for it. It sounds like you have a space all picked out for this and if you keep it forever and amoritize the price over the next....25-20 years, then it's not so expensive. (How's that?)
I've enjoyed the "tour" of your Christmas home. It is cozy and warm and filled with wonderful handmades.
Yes, I was the one who got the scotties and never realized until they arrived that I would be receiving so many. I told Elizabeth that if she changed her mind and wanted them back I would return them to her. It sounds like she has new plans in mind. She is a loving and generous soul for sure! As are you. I've been inspired by the many things you have sent to E. She writes to me and says"You must go to Paula Clare's and see what she's working on!" Ah, the blogging community-I love them all! Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

You deserve that cabinet. That is YOUR cabinet Paula. It will give you a lifetime of happiness. Tell your husband that every time you look at it, you will feel joy, so it's priceless in that respect.

How can he deny you a lifetime of joy!

Faith Lynn said...

(to the tune "O Tannenbaum")

Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
How lovely is the hoosier!
Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
To buy it would behoove yer!
Your wife's the one who loves you most....who rocks your world and jams your toast!
And so the choice is crystal clear....H O O S I E R !

good luck!
Faith Lynn

Angela said...

I'm sure if your darling hubby were to purchase said Hoosier there would most assuredly be a great deal of "affection" expressed to him from you, the extremely greatful wife..yes?? *wink wink* Interested yet Bud??? Think about Hoosier cabinet and all this could be yours :o) It staggers the imagination doesn't it??

(if that doesn't work Paula...check him for a

Fingers Crossed~

Sandy said...

Do they have lay-away???? Go for it girl! It needs to be rescued! I can see thsi in your home so well! ( Sorry but I just think you need it!!!!) :)

Sandy said...

Another thought.....Ask hubby to bargain them down....I bet they would! :)

Cat said...

Very cool. I have not ever seen anything like it! I am sure you would do a great job "cute-ing" it up.

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Let's go Double Dutch! We'll split the cost and share custody. I must share with you the faded yellow Kindergarten cabinet with dozens of little cubby holes that has been torturing me with it's $500.00 price tag! You must have this in your 700 square foot home! There's always room for more cute! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! E

Sandy said...

OK....He could buy you a brand new one....I looked them up, they start at $2100.00, but to have it painted custom, is another 500.00 are you sure $500.00 sounds so bad???? Huh Paula's hubby???? And I am sure you can get them down at least $50.00! :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Paula. I just came back to see if you'd gotten any convincing comments. I could have sworn I posted to this yesterday. Anyway to your Dear Hubby:

You know you want to do this. What could you possibly by Paula that would bring more joy. By now she has every household appliance you could want(which isn't a very memorable gift anyway). With lay-a-way it's a must if she went to all this trouble. The lovin' you receive will be so worth it.

Merry Christmas...Tracy :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' yeah by the way hubby. I bet you could even get a 10% discount on that price. I say try it but no matter what just be sure to buy it.

Tracy :)

Becca said...

Happy wife, Happy life. Need I say more. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway. Merry Christmas.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

And what a happy lady Miss Paula will be! Is she not the queen of your life? I believe the queen deserves such lovelies, don't you?

Rbarakat said...

Mr Clouse, may I appeal on behalf of your loving wife reasons to why the purchase of this Hoosier cabinet would make a wonderful gif for your wife!

1.It's a good deal.
2.It will make your wife exteremly happy.
3.Any dings, scratches or chips bring warmth and character to your home.
4.Its Christmas and this would make for a wonderful "new year".
4.It goes in the kitchen so Paula will see it often and be reminded of what a wonderful, handsome and generous man you are!

How am I doin'? LOL!
Merry Christmas!

Kaycee @ Fit for a Child said...

You only turn 50 once!!!

Linda said...

To Paula's dear husband...sometimes fate steps in and throws a red and aqua Hoosier cabinet in your path. You can't ignore it, step over it or walk around it. Just take it home!