Tuesday, March 31


Greetings, dear reader!

I was so inspired by the package I received that I just HAD to create something...so here's my little "somethin', somethin'": An AltAred Door Hanger (Front and Back)

I also created a "Happy Easter" Tent Card Garland. A technique learned from the "Banners and Garlands" class taught by the amazing Trish Turay of Work In Progress fame:

This kind of garland is a snap to make! I simply cut paper to 4x6, folded each in half, cut open sides with scalloped scissors (my second fave...first are my "Deckle" scissors!) and added easter images on the front. I spaced the finished cards on the vintage ribbon, and then added a pop dot on each side of the inside of card. Half the pop dot was on the card, the other half "caught" the ribbon to hold it in place. I'll be sending this one to my sister in Indiana...

What have YOU been making for Easter?

More soon!


Paula Clare


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

ohh Paula, I love your banners! I was a little late in my posting this morning, I just listed my giveway so if you would like to mosey on over and take a peek at it that would be super but I have noted you down for the giveway just in case!
Thanks for dropping by!
xoxox, Ann-Denise

Cat said...

LOVE the "Go AWay, Creating" signage... Been making lots of soft boiled eggs in egg cups for breakfast. Tate discovered them in the hotels in Germany. ALso, we made felted Easter Eggs. I'll post on my blog later.