Sunday, November 13


Greetings, dear reader!

Back to my playing "catch up" with the photo challenge...ah well. I think I like the two or three at a time thing anyway! Works for me!

Challenge 10: NATURE

One of my favorite photos of me and the hubs...on our favorite vacation EVER: Antigua, West Indies!

The whole trip was really a miracle answer to a prayer Bud and I had been was incredibly beautiful. And THE BEST "working vacation" EVER!
Photo Challenge Day 11: Something Old

For this I have a choice of two photos:

 I created this one on Photoshop for Veterans Day. It's my husband's dad "Boots" Edwin Clouse, who served during Korea. It's also my dad, Kenneth Erhart, who served in every theatre of the war during World War 2. (Photos of Japan, Italy, France and Africa...amazing!) Also, my eldest son, Ian, who is currently serving in the Naval Reserves. (Not an old photo but I turned it black and white and then Sepia for the collage)

Or HERE is a more contemporary version of something "old"....ME! I'm 53 here (just taken a week ago) and sporting a "new do". My adoring dog Webster seems to approve. (although his view is of my many "chins"...what is it with old age? I have more chins than a Chinese phonebook! ARGH!)

And finally, the photo challenge for Day 12: Hands:

 This is a photo of the sacred rite of laying on of hands at my Ordination service. (The link is to my other blog, The Contemporary Monk, where you can see a short video of the service highlights). 

Went to a two day crop this my ornaments done for Cindy's Swap at Rick Rack and Gingham, and the ever amazing, always creative Elizabeth at Creative Breathing is again hosting her Annual Christmas Tag Swap. I am happy to report I've finished both and will be getting them off in the mail in the next day or two! HOORAY! I'll not show you the tags until my friends have them in their possession...I hope they are a hit. I'm a bit out of practice since the long, creatively barren Days of the Lost Mojo (as it has come to be called). But because I only had to make seven ornaments and 15 tags, it was very doable and not too overwhelming...(although I fear I've botched the size on Elizabeth's tags...) Ah well...tags are done and there's not much to be done about it now! lol 

Will be back in a day or two with more photos...and perhaps a sneak peek or two!

Hugs to all!
Paula Clare


Lynn said...

Hi Paula,
I hate to the the bearer of bad news but there are 20 tags in Elizabeth's Christmas Tag swap. I went back to check and make sure before I left this comment.
Don't kill me ok:O)

I love your photos!! I love the collage of military photos. I have pictures of all the men in my immediate family that have been in the military, my father, my father-in-love, my brother-in-love, and my son.I also am honored to display the flags that covered the caskets of my father-in-love and my brother-in-loves casket. I am so sad to say that my Mother has misplaced or lost the flag that covered my Father's casket!!! (another story that I need to share)

I love the pictures with the hands praying for you!
Have a wonderful day!

Debby said...

Hi there. I saw your name on E. from Tennessee's blog post.
I am in both swaps you mentioned so thought I better hop by and inroduce myself.
Have a great Thanksgiving.