Saturday, December 11


Greetings, dear reader! have been busy as the proverbial Cranberry Merchant of late! However, I ALWAYS make time to watch a few of my favorite holiday movies.

Two of the newest (at least new to me) that I LOVED were "Christmas Cottage." A true story about artist Thomas Kinkade and how he became known as the Painter of Light. (The above picture, entitled the same, "Christmas Cottage".) Isn't it absolutely WONDERFUL? I can see me perched beside the fireplace, puppy at my side, hot chocolate with a peppermint stick in hand, reading "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...such a cozy scene, yes? Anyone care to join me?

Another movie I love, along these same lines, "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. The basic premise of the movie is that both of these women are sick of their prospective lives (and boyfriends) and decide to spend a week away via a "house swap". Kate Winslet lives in England in a  so-called modest cottage very similar to the one pictured above, and Cameron Diaz lives in LA (or is it Beverly Hills?)  in very posh surroundings among the "rich and famous." Both are excited to discover the charms of each new vacation well as the charms of new men who happen into their lives. 

VERY heartwarming...

and from The Holiday:

More soon!

Paula Clare


Ann Nichols said...

I love The Holiday! Haven't heard about The Christmas Cottage before (even though I have enjoyed a calendar by T. K. all year long and have that painting on a porcelain plate that I bring out every year!)so will look into finding it! Thanks so much!

She'sSewPretty said...

I also loved The Holiday. Didn't you just want to move right into that cottage? I will look for the Thomas Kincade movie. I am always looking for new Christmas movies. It is the one time of year I actually watch tv.