Wednesday, December 1


Greetings, dear readers!

Just a few "ideas" for those "hard to buy for" folks on your Christmas list:

From Culture of Cute: A Wireless Grass Charger

This adorable Owl 4 GB flashdrive from

These adorable sock monkey goodies from

While in Knoxville with the kids "Market Square" is always on our list of places to go. Included in this fab part of Old Town Knoxville are two stores I dearly love: Earth to Old City and Bliss.

I get my handmade patchouli soap from Earth to Old City. They have some of the most wonderful blends!

And the most delightfully unusual things from Bliss:

Anyway, just thought I'd share these with you in case you find yourself "Stumped" this holiday season! 

More soon! Hugs to all!


A Vintage Chic said...

What wonderful ideas, Paula! I hope you're staying warm & cozy today--it's a cold one!


Sandy said...

Hey you!
I love the gifts you showed us!!!! LOL How are you?????? I have a little soemthing for me your addy again if you would! LOL Sandy

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I'm mooning over those sock monkeys! Not sure about how grass recharges in the winter, lol! Your Red Lead garland is so wonderful! Paula, this is what you do best! I have a year-long tag challenge spot for you if you are interested. Please not to worry if not. Only 2 tags to make a month, one partner to swap with at the end of next year! The challenge - you can only buy paper once, and you must use what's on hand. I just noticed your little PC with Santa hat. You look good in red! Have a great weekend ahead! Elizabeth