Thursday, October 14


Greetings, dear readers!

As promised, I am here to show you the first few steps of creating a Double Waterfall Halloween Album!

Here are the first few things you need to gather:

Chipboard (2 pieces cut 6" x 11")
8 paper lunch bags (6 bag bottoms cut to 5 1/8" long, 2 bag bottoms cut to 4 7/8" long)
Double sided tape
Paper (cut 7" x 12" (to cover the chipboard))
Paper (cut 5 3/4" x 10 1/2" (to cover the inside of the chipboard covers)
Cutting Blade (X-acto Knife) or Large Scissors
Cutting Mat
Crop-o-Dile (or hole punch)
Pop Dots (OF COURSE!) For decorating the outside of the front cover

The rest of the stuff (for decorating) can be gathered later.

The basic idea is to make two waterfall paper bag albums, but instead of the waterfall being horizontal as it was in my first project,

we will make them vertical this a REAL waterfall! Also, the bags will need to be mounted on something sturdy enough to hold them all in place...therefore the chipboard covers.

Here are the basics: You cover the two pieces of chipboard, inside and out, and then you begin adhering the bags to the inside of each cover. 3 bags (5 1/8") and then 1 bag (4 7/8") are adhered by gluing (or taping) the back of each bag to the chipboard cover. The first will line up with the top edge of the paper you glued down for the inside cover.

Fold the bottom flap of the bag up (toward the top of the cover) and then glue down bag #2 under the flap (lining it up with the first fold in the bottom of the bag). Glue the next bag down on top of bag # 2, again folding the bottom flap of the bag up so you can adhere bag #3 under the flap. (The bottom of the previous bag will "flap over" the top of the next bag.) Adhering bags in this way will leave you with a "shortage" for bag #4. Time for the bag cut 4 7/8"! Line up as before, adhere under flap of bag #3...voila! A perfect fit! Your first "waterfall" is complete!

FYI: (I tried to get photos of this process, but I am without a "camera person", and Webster's lack of opposable thumbs makes it tough for him to do the photography!) I hope you can look at my pictures and "get" what I'm saying. :-) I was never much for this step-by-step "how to" stuff (it was my worst rated speech in college!) I'm a "GLOBAL" thinker which makes breaking ANYTHING down into "easy steps" difficult!

Anyway, more pictures, and explanations as I complete the album! Now I need to hear from a friend in Arizona so I can move to the next step...oh SAAAAAAAAAANNNDY?!?!?!

OH! Before I forget! My daughter in law (the wife of the screenwriter) is opening a bakery! The name is Creme Hurray (like Creme Brulee!). Here's a button to add to your blog and/or website! Anything you can do to help get word out will be wonderful! I've just ordered a bunch of Halloween treats...I'll share more later!

Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I am following this with baited breath. I have read the instructions over and over. I'm ready! I think! On to the next step! I'm so excited you are sharing this project1 E

Home and Heart said...

Oooo! Can't wait to see the rest!! Did you make Wild West Tag book? Did I miss it? I am with Elizabeth and the baited breath!!

barncat said...

OH! I really like this with the chipboard cover, can't wait for more pictures and instructions!

Sandy said...

This is so cute but I have two things going right now and I have already moved on to the next holiday! LOL I love your books and such they are so cute!!!! I wish I could get the "layering" thing down....we need a get together....ever been to Arizona????? I will have a spare room ready soon! :):)