Tuesday, October 19


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, I have completed (amidst a hideous onslaught of a nasty COLD, mind you) the double waterfall album. I am such a fan of the sweet images of Dolly Dingle in her Halloween costumes! And so, inspired by Dolly, I decided to make the album all about Trick or Treat!

But first things first: The cover:

Of course I inked, grunged, and Stickled everything! (It made the cat's eyes glow yellow...how cool?!)

And I even filled the Trick or Treat bag on front with images of vintage candies! (Some are adhered to the book and some are loose and can be taken out)

An d now the first waterfall: I simply glued an image of vintage candy to the front of each flap!

I made sure the images were printed large enough for the name to be seen under the flap...

Waterfall Number Two: These are candies I remember getting as a little girl while out Trick or Treating...my dad always called "dibbs" on the Hershey bars!

And then, because the history of each kind of candy is (I think) really interesting, I created a "history tab" for each of the candies pictured in the waterfalls...

When pulled, each tab reveals a brief history of the candy bars in that waterfall. This particular tab is a brief history of Butterfinger.

I will, of course, embellish the binder rings with ribbon, ricrac, and anything else I happen to have laying around. One can never hanve too many embellishments! At least, not in MY house!

A shout out to my friend Sandy, who supplied me with many of these vintage candy images! This book is for you, dear friend! I hope you like it!

Be back soon with something fun!

Paula Clare


cindy said...

Its adorable! You did a wonderful job! I especially love the pocket on the front that holds the candies...really cute!


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I was so excited to see the cover of your book pop into my reader box! What a fun album! Just to remember all these favorite candies is super. I love that you added the history. You must get tired of hearing me say, but you truly are my Altered Art Hero! E

barncat said...

I love it, so fun! All those candies I hadn't thought about in years! Nothing says Halloween like candy. ;)

Erin said...

That is adorable. Great job.

Sandy said...

LOL LOL Paula this is wonderful!!!!! I had no ide that is what you were going to do with the candy labels! You are so creative!!!!!! Between you and E, I have enough ideas to lst me years! :)

Sandy said...

IT IS FOR ME?????????? Oh Boy!!!!! I love it my dear friend!!!!! Thank you for this.....and everything else you have done for me! :):) Love ya! Sandy

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Lots of FUN!!!! Isn't that what creating is all about?!!


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Paula,

Just read your comment on my blog. So, you want me to send you over a 1969 blow-mold huh? Hmmm...I might be swayed to do a trade. That "Halloween" banner's looking pretty good go me! I know, hard trade both ways!!


vivian said...

cute stuff here Paula clare! Love your candy waterfall book. was reading your halloween book piece. I had trouble reading WICKED, I just couldnt get into the book and thought it was wierd, but Ive seen the broadway musical 3times! and LOVE that. My daughter played Elphaba in an area musical too.. Have fun!!