Sunday, September 12


Greetings, again, dear reader!

As promised, here are the steps left to complete my Wild West Tags...the first steps can be found here:

Step 7. Using black ink I stamped images onto white cardstock (1 image of each stamp) (stamps from Oxford Impressions: Cowgirl Blues)

Step 8. I then scanned the sheet of images and distressed and faded the now digital images using Photoshop Elements 7.0. (this method saves on ink, and allows me to get the aged effect I want from the rubber stamps!)

Step 9. I (tediously) cut out each image, and then using Rangers Distress Ink (Walnut) in a spray bottle, I spritzed each image until saturated. Let dry.

(Here are the images after they dried...)

Step. 10. I tend to want each tag to be a bit different, so I randomly glued vintage sheet music, tickets, images, to the front and back of each tag.

Step 11. Then tied the strips of bandana, muslin, and denim to the top of each tag. Voila! Wild West Tags-o-plenty!

I hope you gals in the swap like them! I just LOVED making them for you all! Now I just need to get the tags swapped out and the surprise goodies put in each envelope...the last two ladies (whose tags I've not received yet) will be included in the swapping one will be left out!

I will share the final two swappers tags as soon as they arrive! Meanwhile, I will prepare the mailman for his "mother lode" of mailers and envelopes! I'm sure he'll be thrilled beyond measure!

More soon! Hugs!


Cat B said...

Have mine arrived yet?

Nan said...

Oh these tags are sure to please.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Paula. You have been busy haven't you. I love your tags and all the work you've put in them shows.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Everyone has put so much thought and creativity into their tags for this swap but none more than you Paula! I'm sure this has been a labor of love and it looks like you've had a blast. Hope the last 2 come quickly so we can see everything put together.
Have a great week!