Monday, September 13


Greetings all you cowpokes!

Well, I've rounded up one of the last tags for this wild west tag swap! It's been a rip roarin' good time, and our dear friend Cat from New Zealand (our one and only international entry) has added to the fun...

Tags, fabric leftover from cowboy quilts (perfect!) and sheets of cowboy ephemera! YEEHAW!

I SPY Cath Kidston fabric pieces! EEK! How wonderfully wonderful! They'll end up on a tag somewhere...just wait and see!

And look at these yummy paper images?! The ads and Wells Fargo images are truly unique!

Using one of the Wells Fargo receipts, Cat has added Annie Oakley...when I saw it I immediately thought of "Annie Git Yer Gun"...and HOW! Look at the size of that thing! She could do some serious shootin with that one!

And then just look at the face of this dear little cowpoke! Who could NOT love this sweet little guy?! Cat just threw a cowboy birthday party for her five year old...check it out! It's downright inspirational!

All of you "ol' timers" to our swaps be sure to let Cat know that her tags are jist as adorable as can be...and she need not feel her contribution did not "measure up"! I'm grateful for ALL of you who went outside your comfort zone to join my lil ol' swap! It's been a hoot, hasn't it? Our last tag, from Kari at DharmaWaits should be here anytime. Meanwhile, I got some swappin to do!

Paula Clare


GardenofDaisies said...

That really is a darling little cowboy!!! :-)

Nan said...

Oh my gosh these tags are just sweet as can be. Cat you did fantastic.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Cat did a terrific job on her tags. She certainly shouldn't feel inferior by any means! Love all your goodies too.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Home and Heart said...

Cute cute cute!!! What yummy goodies too!!

corry said...

I love those tags and that western Cath Kidston fabric is super cute!

A Vintage Chic said...

What adorable tags, Paula! Love them all!


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, you are absolutely killing me with cowboy cute! Holy cow! Strolling through past posts I can't help but giggle at your town setup to help display all of the wonderful tags. The extras you have made - OMG! Fabulous!!! You are just over the top Paula! The fabric finds are amazing. This has all been the most fun that I want never to end. A yearly event, it must be! Have a great week! Elizabeth

vivian said...

cute tags ! such fun!