Friday, October 17


Greetings, dear readers!

Just a quick reminder before I show you the video about the different kinds and brands of glue I use in my altered art projects...two words: HALLOWEEN ATCs. Are yours ready to mail? Remember October 24th is the deadline for me to have them in my hot little hands. That doesn't mean MAIL THEM October 24th, that means I HAVE THEM IN MY POSSESSION October 24th. (Just in case there was any confusion. :-) )

And now, on with the "show"!

More soon!




Miss Angie said...

OK..let me be the first to say....I LOVE VIDEOS!!!(yeah, like you didn't already know that) These are so remarkably helpful...not only for knowing what to buy but also what to use it for!!! SUCH A GOOD THING!!! I am love love loving this...You're FAB girlfriend!!!!

Miss Angie

Nelly said...

I love videos as well and have been collecting different glues too and wondered what was best and for what. Your tips are great! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was glued to the set...hahaha sorry :P


Miss Angie said...

Hey, I forgot to ask...where did you get that neat-o cup holder for the side of your work table?? I looked at the Big W and couldn't find one? Where pray tell do you find them? I want um, several :)

Miss Angie

Paula Clare said...

Hi Ang!
The cup holder (and convenient little trash bag that goes with it) is called a "Sidekick". It can be purchased through your local Creative Memories consultant, or at this website: and type in "side kick"

It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny! It has saved me numerous times from spills and disasters!

Cat said...

I love the adhesive video--I often wonder what people are using for what reason. It was very educational, especially that they make SPARKLE mod podge!! My brothers have nicknamed the glue dots "boogers", because that is what the large 3D ones look like when they get dirty...all the scrappers in our family now call them that. Just useless info to share!!!