Thursday, October 16


Greetings, dear readers! Here is the video as promised...for some reason my editing program won't let me put the overview video with the other video, so I give you TWO (count them) TWO video productions live from the Palace!

First, here's a very brief look at the place I call my "creative space":

And now, on to the Essential Tools used in creating altered Art!

Tomorrow: The sticky subject of adhesives! (And yes, it's another video! Help me! I can't stop!)

More soon!




Miss Angie said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I loved the video...thank you thank you thank you!!! And more to come? Oh, can it really be!!!! Well, let this dumb bunny pose a question for future video fodder....when you use Mod Podge, what kind of brush do you use and how do you clean it so that your not trashing a brush everytime! I am going totally mad with this...everytime I use a brush for Mod Podge I have found no effective way of cleaning the brush so it can be used again? Please excuse me if I'm a total "dumbo" in this area...but PLEASE.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Ang!
I thought I'd answer this publicly since others may be wondering the same thing...

I have fought the battle of the mod Podge brush many times, and have finally come to the realization that a brushy kind of brush (for lack of a better description) is NOT the thing to use for Mod Podge. However, the foam, disposable brushes work very well, and don't make you feel guilty if you just throw them away after each use. If you wash the brush right away, you may get two or three uses out of it, but at less than 35 cents each, it's worth it to me not to ruin my bristle brushes. :-)

Hope that helps!

Hugs, and thanks for your always optimistic encouragement!

Miss Angie said...

Ah! Thank-you...I have used every kind of brush I could find only to end up with the same outcome each time...tossing them! I started with foam brushes and just pitched them as you said because they are indeed ever so cheap and cheerful! I suppose I was on the right track to begin with...*smile* I shall therefore go back to the beloved "use em and lose em" foam brushes! Thanks so much for setting me on the right path :)

Hugs as always~

Cat said...

I really dig the videos! Your creative space is awesome, and I want to go in there and never come out. So cool!

Elaine said...

Hi Paula, I found you a while back through Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. I really enjoyed your video thanks so much for sharing it's so helpful! I've seen the "cropadile" thingy and it's down right scary lookin ...nice to know what things all about !! I sure envy your work space. I'm new to paper crafting and it seems there's no end to the things I "neeeed" I'm really interested in knowing more about inks, and stains, and sealers. Look forward to the adhesives and keep the videos coming. E in TN

SnowyOwl_papermaniac said...

I love the video on tool, but I was watching it without audio 'o(

I could sure be happy with a list of those awesome goodies.

Cheryl said...

Soda and chocolate? those are for breakfast! Hmmm just call me "Dennys" cause I can have breakfast 24/7!! *woot-woot*

Cute videos :-P