Saturday, December 19


Greetings, dear reader!

I am so excited to be FINALLY decorating and getting the house festive and cozy for Christmas! Hubby Dear informed me that he thought I'd "quit this" when the kids left home...he's now discovered that this is something I do for ME. I love getting out all the "memories" year to year...and rediscovering family treasures and fun gifts from friends. Again, we live in only 750 sq. ft. so just how much decking can one do? SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Behold:

I thought the antlers on the clock added a nice touch...what do you think? lol


And YES the tree is WAAAAAAAAAAY overloaded with ornaments, but when friends drop by, I have them pick out a favorite and take it home with them...that way they get something they know I love AND I get a bit of insight as to what "style" and maybe what kind of "collections" they have! It's a win/win I tell you!



Here's my whimsical dry sink...A friend gave me the twisted little tree...I absolutely LOVE it. It's so Dr. Seuss like, don't you think? And the gorgeous mushroom created by our dear "E" and how could I resist the little kissing elves?! (which pay homage to one of my new favorite "classic" Christmas movies!) And  the little tin mushrooms? Aren't they way weird (but cute, right?) Got them at World Market in the candy section...they have sour little horrible candies inside...but obviously I just had to get them for their cute factor. The snowmen were given to me by the sister who now resides in Egypt...they make me smile all winter long!



See the rustic picture and the shelf? I MADE those! NO, REALLY! I went through a woodworking stage when my daddy gave me his power tools. I wanted to show him I could be the boy he never had, so I started sawing up everything. It's by no means square, and I did the pattern by hand, but it is sturdy and has lasted for years! The picture was made with old barn wood found by me and my mom...I just love the way the vintage spice tins turned out!


Hubby dear and I made this little microwave cart too. When I moved into this little "magic cottage", I wanted a picket fence headboard for our bed and a picket fence cabinet for the kitchen. Couldn't find ANY online (always on the CUTTING edge, you know!) so we built them out of recycled lumber from wood palettes. I hand cut each picket with a jigsaw...again, they are not exact, but the more "wonky" it turned out the better I liked it. I keep my pots and pans underneath and have a festive cover of some sort that hides it all. I have come close to ditching it for a new something...but I just can't bring myself to do it. I like it SO much...I WOULD however throw it over for a Red and Aqua Hoosier Cabinet I've had my eye on for awhile.  I hope to go to the flea market and take pictures this weekend. You will just GASP when you see how utterly perfect it is!


A recent windy day afforded me the real white pine in the cherry tin...and see the lovely red and aqua sweets? A gift from Sandy of 521 Lake Street...she knew I was redoing my kitchen, and so she sent a contribution. WOOT!


I just love my vintage aqua scale (I use it for postage all the time!) and the vintage nutmeat grinder. I also found several of the little paper cottages that just needed a bit of tlc and more GLITTER...of course!


My favorite yard sale acquisition...our "faux" fireplace. I have always wanted a mantle to decorate, and now I have one without the hassle and smoke of the real thing! And don't the glowing embers of the rotating tinsel fire simulator look OH SO REAL?!?! NOT! I don't still adds a cozy element to our little living space.


I bought the little primitive bench for my mom at a local craft store...she always kept it on her front porch...I got it back when she died a few years ago. It's one of my favorite things! See the snowman penny runner? Isn't it adorable? You will not BELIEVE how little I paid for it...and WHERE! At a railroad salvage...NO KIDDING! Steal-o-roonie! (E, you could TOTALLY make one of your own! But for those of us who are needle and thread challenged, a store bought one will have to do!)


A few of my favorite little shelf sitters...the darling doe was in a group of Ebay kitsch purchased years ago. The little houses are from the dear folks at Berries In The Meadow.  So SO cute!


3 of my fave magazines: Scrapbooking & Beyond, Gooseberry Creek, and Cath Kidston! I want one of everything in every magazine...Santa, are you LISTENING?

I leave you, dear ones, once again with my be-antlered clock...More soon! OH! Stay tuned for an amazing Vintage AltAred Art Giveaway!

Hugs and hot buttered rum, to you!
Paula Clare


She'sSewPretty said...

Eek! I love everything! An aqua blue and red Hoosier!!! OMGosh! I would be climbing over you and pushing people out of my way to get it. Then I would have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul to pay for it!! Can't wait to see it. Merry Christmas Paula!

Cat said...

i love it all!! I love how you manage to arrange everything so that it has a purpose and is balanced. The little scene on the microwave it toooo cute.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Paula. Where you say you lived? I'll be right over. LOL!!!
Everything's just as I'd expect. Too cute!

Merry Christmas my creative friend...Tracy :)

kim said...

Merry Christmas Paula,
How are you and breakum up Bud gonna
move around. I can picture Bud crashing to and fro through out the house. Have a good Christmas with kids be safe.

Love Kim

Creative Breathing said...

Paula! I have oogled each of these photos for every little detail of holiday cuteness! Didn't want to miss a thing. My honeymoon house was 700 sq ft. What I wouldn't give to live in it again. I have huge rooms with nothing in them! It has been the best gift getting to know you and your beautiful art this past year. I can't wait to see what your mind creates for the spring holidays! Hurry already! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

This is the sweetest 750 sq feet! How did you do that???? I shudder to think how I would have to par down....but is is obvious that everything is something you love....and that is what matters! Thanks for sharing! Glad you like the "candy" !