Saturday, January 14


Greetings dear reader!

I have been away due to a horrific dental issue...I'll not sicken you with the gorey details, but suffice to say I have been in too much pain to do ANYTHING but medicate myself and pray for relief. My face is swollen and I believe I resemble Magilla Gorilla...(who remembers HIM, hmmmm?) Anyway, many THOUSANDS of milligrams of antibiotics later, I am feeling some relief...and so I thought I'd let you know what I've found to keep me busy and inspired during these weeks...

As you know, taking my little vintage Camper Mary Lou is a great joy in my life. I have dreamed of our retirement when we will be on the road more than we're not! 

Anyway, I have such a love for these tiny spaces...and just SWOON over them being used in photoshoots and such. Have you EVER seen a more beautifully sweet engagement shoot? I LOVE these photos by Shannon Boettcher of fotoNovella

You can see the entire photo story here: Hippies and Hearts . I may try to get something like this together for my youngest son and daughter in love when they come to visit us this summer...

Also, I've been perusing shops that are contained within little campers...SO vintage, SO tiny, SO inspiring! Like the sweet peach Oh So Lovely Shop:

Just look at that little camper! Their shop is wonderful too! Another great find was this: 

Haberdash Vintage...a great little Etsy shop housed in a little vintage trailer! Sweet! I am just so inspired by women (mostly) who find their passion and then create a way to make money doing what they love! My love of travel and all things vintage allow me to live vicariously through these and others (on my sidebar) until we can afford to do the same ourselves! 2.5 years to retirement and counting! WOOT! Check them out when you have prepared tho. It may be HOURS before you come back!

More soon!
Paula Clare


Debby said...

Oh I love these little trailers. I really want one. Does a 6/3" husband fit inside?
I watched the "hippy" video. So sweet Love how it looks like they live outdoors. Wonder what happens when it rains, I know it's only pretend but a girl can dream.

Angela Bradshaw said...

I love that turquoise and red rug you have in front of your Mary Lou. Would you mind telling me where you found it?