Tuesday, December 27


Greetings, dear friends!

Only 4 nights until the New Years Eve all night Craft Along! WOOT! Just a few questions:

1. Have you committed to craft along with me? 

2. Have you installed my button on your blog? Have you invited at least 3 friends to join us?

3. Have you learned the ins and outs of simple chat forums?

4. Do you like my son Paul and Daughter-In-Love Leah's Christmas Tree? They were in the middle of moving and ended up burying their tree in the shed...SO they were painting anyway...voila! TANNENLADDER was born! I think it's BRILL! (short for Brilliant...my niece Aria who is in high school in Kenya Africa is determined this expression (which she herself has coined) will 'catch on' and become the newest catch phrase. I like it. I promised her I'd use it in a sentence. teehee)

Tomorrow is another auspicious occasion...my birthday. The big 5-4. Yawn. I think 54 is probably the most boring birthday yet...we shall see! YAY!
More soon,
Paula Clare

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vivian said...

Happy Birthday Paula Clare! I hope your day is not boring! lol! do something extra special! I'll be thinking of you!