Tuesday, December 20


Greetings, dear readers!

I am back at the baking experiments again! Those of you who have been following me for awhile know my favorite Starbucks drink is Peppermint Mocha (which I realize I CAN purchase any TIME, but choose to only have it during the holidays to make it a seasonal specialty!) Imagine my delight when I ran across THIS cute cookie recipe!

 Instead of the chocolate ganache (I'm sorry daughter-in-love Leah, some things are just NOT meant to come forth from MY kitchen!) I used vanilla buttercream frosting (which I just figured out how to make) and sprinkled candy cane crumbles on top. A WAAAAAAAAAY more doable and festive looking treat! 

I'm really enjoying spending my days and evenings (when I'm not working) baking, preparing Christmas cards and leisurely wrapping the few presents we've managed to purchase this year. It's a MUCH slower, more intentional way of getting through the holidays. I'm also reading a WONDERFUL book, "Following Atticus" (I've saved it for this week in particular!)

EVERYONE is reading it! lol  (Pic from a friend...isn't it CUTE?) Since I have my own little schnauzer I thought a book about an overweight guy who hikes the mountains of the Eastern U.S. and his little companion would be great reading. I wasn't disappointed...it is a truly inspiring and well written book. I SO LOVE Tom Ryan's writing style...very friendly and readable. I ordered my copy from the good folks at White Birch Books for a personally autographed and "pawtographed" book. It's a great book for winter reading...curling up with a cup of tea and going along with Tom and Atticus on their adventures from the comfort and warmth of your own home...

Tom mentioned something my youngest son and I always said about reading books...we hate to finish them because we feel like we've lost a friend at the end of the story. I am only halfway through the book and already feel I'm going to HATE getting to the end of the book...I don't WANT to lose Tom and Atticus's friendships! There are few books I've read where I feel I am better for having known the author(s)...Brennan Manning and Donald Miller are two...but Tom Ryan's name is going on that list as well.

Anyway, back to the Christmas festivities...finishing up a Collaborative Art Project at Church...also inciting a "flash mob" at a local mall tomorrow night! We are all going to burst into song: Let There Be Peace On Earth at 6:30 tomorrow night...sing along with us if you'd like! I'll let you know how it goes!

Paula Clare

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Christine said...

Paula, I just want to come by and Wish You the Merriest of Holidays to You and Yours! You have been are someone that I have looked up to especially this past year. I was blessed the day I found your Blog. I can't seem to pull myself up sometimes, but when I look at you and all the Positive Energy you Exude, I have to say "shame on myself" :(. I say, this year, I will be a more positive Me...by...showing more care for other people like You, Paula, You My Dear are Blessing!
Happy Holidays and the Merriest of Christmas's!