Sunday, November 27


A tag swap post!

Greetings, dear readers! I had spoken to you earlier about perhaps a peek at the tags I've created for Elizabeth's "Creative Breathing" Merry Christmas Tag Swap and for Cindy's "Around the Neighborhood" tag swap. Failing to take pictures of my work (I am SO BAD ABOUT THAT!) I will use the photographs from Elizabeth's blog to show you:

As many of you who have followed me for a while know...I am a cowgirl at heart. I have (over the years) acquired some of the sweetest and dearest little cowboy and cowgirl images...this one in particular, with his red and green outfit and little puppy, make me think of Christmas. I just HAD to find a way to use it on my tags! The tags are a miniscule 2.5 x 3.5 (and, as usual, I made them all the wrong size to begin with, then had to think of a way to recreate those tags on tags cut the right size...) Elizabeth, I don't know HOW I seem to ALWAYS manage to get the instructions wrong, but I always have SO MUCH FUN making the tags the wrong way or using the wrong size or making the wrong amount! One year, I made over 30 tags, thinking that was the proper number...instead, I discovered I had made nearly twenty too many! E and I still laugh over the the Great Valentine Debacle! (as it has come to be known)

One of the great blessings of blogging is the friends you meet along the way...Elizabeth of Creative Breathing is one of those "kindred spirits" who has creativity flowing through her very veins...the woman is a one woman workshop of all things CUTE! 

More than that, she is a teller of stories...and a "Nocturnal Nellie" (a friend who is up at all hours of the night, like myself! She even talked me into hosting a New Year's Eve Craft along...since we were up all night anyway! It was SO MUCH FUN I'm doing it again THIS year! YAY!)
Also, I created tags for Cindy of Rick Rack N Gingham's Neighborhood Ornament Tag Swap:
Cindy enticed us with these sweeties:

Inviting us:
"To be in this swap....your ornament needs to be a House or an RV
Decorated  "Christmasy"...and it needs to remind each of us
of your BLOG...and have your Name and Blog Name on it.
Front and back need to be decorated!
It can range from 3-6 inches...remember it goes on a tree."

So here's my take on the swap: 

It's my little canned ham, Mary Lou! The other side says, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!" The penants and "lights" were paintstakingly cut and created by hand (the "seed beads" used as lights were handstrung mind you...WITHOUT A NEEDLE! Oh how I need E's organizational skills in my craft room! lol) THANK GOODNESS I had only to make 7 of the little things (however, as is my fashion, I made a few extra...this picture from E's blog). AND, in very ATYPICAL fashion, I kept one for myself! I just thought it would be so cute on my tinsel tree! 

I can't wait to receive my tags from the others...this is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

More soon,
Paula Clare


Debby said...

I am in both of those swaps. Yours are adorable. Can't wait to see them all in person.
I don't follow directions well either. WHen I did my houses somehow I missed the decorated for Christmas, hah. I knew that but somehow they didn't make the Christmasy look. But the little girls I watch called them gingerbread houses, so that counts, right.

Cindy said...

Paula they were preciously perfect!!! I can't wait for you to get the big package!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham