Thursday, November 3


Greetings dear reader!

I always want November to be a month of blogging about what I'm grateful for...and one way to do that is through pictures! As most of you know, I got a new camera from my AMAZING husband on Mother's Day...

It's a Canon Rebel T3...I am still in the process of learning how to use it, so I thought this challenge would help me to do that as well as be more faithful about posting here. Trish over at WIP blog posted and gave me the idea...

AND since I'm 3 days behind, here are my first 3 installments: 
Favorite Food:
It's true...I love any kind of greasy-spoon diner food. Denny's is a favorite late night haunt...and this little aluminum treasure was found along Route 66...somewhere in Missouri. 

#2: Smile: 

Grandbabies have the BEST smiles!

#3: Happiness:

It isn't so much the canned ham that makes me happy (although it DOES) it's more travel on the open road and adventure with Hubby and Pup that is one of the most content-making events EVER!

And there you have it! I'm all caught up...and from this point forward I will try to use photos that I've JUST taken for this project...

I am SO GRATEFUL for another month and a good camera and a husband who (sometimes...well, MOST of the time) really "gets" me. (The Sainted Man) lol!

More tomorrow!
Paula Clare

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Lynn said...

Love your attitude and your pictures.