Saturday, September 10


Greetings dear reader!

I am all too aware that it has been FOR-E-VER since I've posted anything on here. I am grateful for all of my faithful followers who have left me on their readers and haven't 'ditched me' as 'inactive' or purged my blog due to lack of activity. :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Now I don't know which of you darlings...or dear relatives of mine, KNEW that the lack of a road trip of ANYKIND this summer is part of what has fueled my recent lack of mojo. Not being able to make our planned jaunt to the U.P. in Michigan has been heartbreaking. I'm afraid the "luxuries" of eating and living indoors too precedence. The canned ham hasn't made it's way to a campsite in a year or more. :-(  Hopefully this fall...

Meanwhile, LOOK at this amazing surprise that came to me in the mail!

It's a game...a ROAD TRIP. In a box! Rather, in a CANNED HAM! I am beyond excited and inspired! It LOOKS LIKE something *I* would have come up with!

AND besides oh-so-clever packaging, it's a WORD game! WORDS are my bag baby! And although hubby dear and I aren't really "game people" (we generally prefer to spend time with friends and family telling stories and regaling one another with wild (true) tales of life and such), THIS GAME is FUN! It's a  have-to-think-quick kind of word game. I'm so excited...and what a PERFECT weekend for it to come! It's raining outside and just the perfect kind of day for a ROAD TRIP!
I had just written to several of my bloggy friends and told you I didn't know WHAT it will take to inspire me...that no music, craft, photos, ANYTHING has really been of any use in bringing back my long lost mojo. I think this clever box/game has done it...along with the incredible kindness of surprise. 

So if you, whoever you are, would like to fess up to being the muse that has given back my mojo, you have the humble thanks of this stunted, would-be blogger. Truly. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

I am off to marvel some more at the clever game pieces (station wagons! EEP!) and read the directions so when hubby dear awakes we can play another game (or 15) today!

More soon! (YES, I MEAN it!)

(PS I realize I have used an inordinate amount of exclamation points in this post...however, it is the FIRST TIME in a very long time I have felt the need to use them at ALL! Please forgive the giddy excitement of one who has been (for too long) WITHOUT any reason to blog about ANYTHING, let alone excitedly blog! Punctuation police please forgive. Thank you.)


ImagiMeri said...

Dearest Paula,

How exciting, a road trip without ever leaving the house! God Bless whomever sent this to you and got your mojo up and running again.

I look forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve now.

Have a great weekend.


vivian said...

yay!!! Im smiling with a tiny tear in my eye! Soooo glad youre using those exclamation points this morning!!! glad youre back! and kudos to the person who knew just what you needed! hugs to then and to you!
now dont be a stranger girlfriend!!

Lynn said...

Good Morning Paula,
I am a new follower of your blog!! I have spent the past week catching up on all of these wonderful blogs that I found by first visiting Old Glory Cottage then stopping by Creative Breathing and she led me too so many awesome places for me to visit!!It makes me happy to see some of the items that I have in my home on the wonderful blogs out there:O) Makes me feel sane that someone else likes vintage cards and well everything else vintage!!I am glad that you got your mojo back!!
Lynn in NC

Jane said...

Yay!!! Was just thinking of you not too long ago!
The game looks so cute - and what a wonderful surprise for you, both the game itself and the fact that someone knew how much you'd like it :)

Sandy said...


The being that sent this to you name is LOVE doubt! HOW wonderful! I will be in touch soon.....This is just perfection!!! A canned ham game in a canned ya! Sandy

E said...

Hi Paula good to "see" you ! I imagined you were in your canned ham traveling all over the place and we'd hearing about all your travels soon. Love the game what a sweet gift. If you road trip to TN you can park the cute little CH in my drive anytime. E

Linda Ruthie said...

I'm glad to see a new post from you, especially one with so many exclamation points. Can't wait to see what you create now that you have your mojo back.

Creative Breathing said...

Here's a whole can of exclamation marks for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is wonderful to see words from you, and we will always be here for one of your smiley posts. Elizabeth

Dani Cristin said...

São lindas suas criações.Bello!!

Lynn said...

Hello Paula,'
I am new follower of your blog and many of your online friends. I have had a blast these past weeks of looking at your blogs and reading a lot of the archived posts. I would love to do a block swap with you if you would be interested. I would love to decorate my craft room like many of you have your spaces decorated. I love to scrapbook, altered items, and stamp. I have a blog too, it is life on the wienee ranch. I share my home with four spoiled rotten doxies. We had five but our oldest sweetest granny girl went to rainbow ridge on December 4, 2010. She was 16 years old and I miss her soo much. I have two spoiled rotten grand furbabies who just happen to be doxies too, so when I grandfurbaby sit, we have a herd of doxie running around our 1930's cottage home. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kathy said...

My "backside" is bigger due to the new blogs, including yours, I've found this week! I've gotten nothing done except smile big, laugh outloud, and be impressed!
Truly enjoyable!
(I, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE the exclamation point!!!!!!)