Sunday, April 3


Greetings, dear readers!

I will be back tomorrow to show you how to make the coveted camper album. In the meantime, would you please check out my son and daughter in love's AMAZING Kickstarter video? HE is an amazing film editor. SHE is a baker extraordinnaire! Together they are Creme Hurray, Knoxville, Tennessee's newest best kept secret!

They are hoping to debut at the Knoxville Farmer's Market which begins in May. They don't have much time to raise money...and they only need a little! Won't you check out their video and donate? Even $1 will help them reach their modest goal! And even if you CAN'T donate, please say a prayer for them as well as post a link to their video from your blog and/or website?

Daughter in Love has taken a GIANT leap of faith, said goodbye to "sure thing" employment in an effort to become a full time baker! I'm so proud of them for "going for it" while they are young and fairly unfettered by obligation!

Thank you for saying, "I believe in you!"


Cat said...

best of luck to them! That is so exciting. I will post on my blog asap. (my blogging has slowed to a crawl recently, due to the addition of baby sunshine, but i will find time this week:)

My Vintage Studio said...

Best of luck! I took a peek at their video. Will post on my sidebar this week.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

dutch sisters said...

Wish you all the best of luck! I'm of to see their video..

Cheryl said...

Hi Paula,
Best of luck to your daughter on her new endeavor. Can't wait for the camper album tutorial!
Can you please send me your email address so that I can get in touch with you re. my snail mail address. I am really excited about winning your contest:-)
Have a great day,