Tuesday, February 8


Greetings, dear readers!

And a big THANK YOU to each of you for your comments and willingness to help me out of the impenetrable web of confusion that was the Dolly Dingle Valentine Swap! lol  I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard at my own ineptitude!  (a fine word coined by my son Paul) Elizabeth, you are always good for a thousand laughs...I am finally crying "Uncle" on this one and retiring it to the archives of Swaps of Valentines Past. May the jillion little cowboy and cowgirl valentines  rest in peace in their new homes. Amen. 

Meanwhile, back at the valentine sweat shop that has become my craft room, (a "sweat shop" while weather outside is two degrees is quite a feat...) I have completed the little fabric collage quilt, finished a valentine candy box album, and am in the process of creating a sweet treat valentine surprise for hubby dear.

Our wedding anniversary is Feb. 17th...we will have been married 30 years! Can you imagine!? Someone putting up with the likes of ME for that length of time? Holy moly! The man is either a saint or a glutton for punishment! lol

This is a very young "us" ... it's a Silver Dollar City "tintype" photo...which meant the clothing,  (tie and Velcro applied) the cabin...all props. So no, it's not an authentic wedding picture...we actually got married in the living room of a dear little preacher and his wife (with the smell of fried chicken wafting in the air.) The little lady came out of the kitchen with her hands covered in flour, wiped them on her apron, sang a rousing rendition of "I Love You Truly" (I kid you not) and then disappeared to tend once again to their dinner.

The ceremony lasted perhaps 15 minutes. We paid the man his customary "honorarium" for the ceremony, and then flitted off to begin our luxurious honeymoon...a trip to K-Mart. :-)  (Would this man spare no expense?!) We were young, broke, and newly transplanted in Oklahoma (during the oil boom)...we made a mad dash across the Texas state line to Gainesville, TX for the brief nuptials.

Anyway, 30 years later, we are more in love and have more fun than we'd have ever imagined...we are SO looking forward to more days/weeks of travel in the canned ham!

More soon! Paula Clare


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

that's some hat you are sporting in that picture. I was a bridesmaid in a friends wedding around the time that pic was taken--- and it involved a hat like that. mint green and somewhat transparent so when the light shown through we all looked like we were getting ready to puke!!

Jane said...

Such a cute photo! Love the image of the wife singing for you :) Happy Anniversary #30 and best wishes for many more to come!

Looking forward to my special valentine!Happy I got there in time.

A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Paula! What a charming & wonderful post! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetheart--30 years is a wonderful thing, my friend!

So sorry about the Valentine fiasco--but look at what joy you created & you're so sweet to share!

Love your wedding photo & memories...and that Valentine quilt? LOVE!!! It's fabulous, Paula!

Hope your day is wonderful...enjoy every minute!


ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

That picture is a hoot and a half! Future congratulations on your anniversary. Paula, I'm sure your husband has been with you because you are such a treasure, and nothing less would he seek.

God Bless you for many, many more years ahead.

Love ya'

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Well..evidently I had a Menopausal Moment and my brain blinked....

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and may God bless you with many many more!!!


E, sent me over here!!! Oops..we all make mistakes. Your mistake is a blessing to others, regarding the Valentine swap.
Even thought it isn't your wedding photo. it's nice!
Happy 30 years together.

Elaine said...

Congrats Paula on your anniversary, love the pic. I got a kick out of the valentine debacle ... written instructions paralyze me basically why I've never participated in a swap ... sitting here today trying to follow written instructions for hemming jeans, I've been hemming jeans for years but this tutorial(nicely written I might add)is beyond my pea brain ! (left my contact info on fb for you, wanted to make sure you had received it)

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Paula, I haven't heard from you so i think you are okay with the Valentines but if you need someone to swap with.. just e-mail me at bookwrm999@aol.com so i can get yours made in time. Happy Anniversary!!! Your Valentines look adorable..can't wait to see everyone's! Hugs, Linda
at lindasgoodies.blogspot.com

Angela said...

If you're crying uncle that must mean that you've had enough folks come and ask to exchange a valentine? They are all so very cute! Great job - you were busy! It's a whopping 3 degrees in Omaha and my car didn't start the morning. Ouch!
You're Silver Dollar picture made me smile - my family did one of those there as well! Great memory!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I will forever when I think about this swap. Thank goodness it is almost in the past, but not Valentine's Day! What a wonderful time of the year to be married. I too have one of these tin type photos popular in the 70's. You both are such a cute couple. Many happy returns! Elizabeth

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Paula.
Your wedding photo is great! Lovely story you tell us here.

Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you a wionderful day.
Hugs, Sharon

My Crafty Little Page said...

Congratulations on 30 years! Love your little rootin tootin tag and the idea of a "set". Oh gosh - can't believe you have a Shasta - in my fav colors...just call me jealous! Happy Anniversary! :) Nancy

barncat said...

I'm late for this post, but still in time to wish you a Happy Anniversary. 30 years, congratulations! Love your Silver Dollar City "wedding picture", that's such a fun place, I haven't been for several years, maybe this summer.

Such a pretty little collage quilt!