Monday, September 27


Greetings, dear readers!

Because a dear blog sister inquired about the decor in the first picture of my last post, I have decided to do a sort of "repost" of the Halloween Trinkets created ... behold, the Scaredy Cat Wands!

These were made when I took an online Halloween class a year or two ago...the original cat image came from the tutorial...however, these are, par my usual, NOT just like the tutorial...I used hollow paper mache forms, (sold as ornaments at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc) poked a hole in the bottom (the hole to be where I will later insert the dowel rod for the wand) and put beans in them so they are Halloween rattles (I seem to have some memory of my gramma telling me that their Halloween toys during the Great Depression were rattles made with decorated cardboard boxes and beans...I guess these are those...several generations removed!)

I painted the entire shape with black paint, and then glued the papers onto both sides of the shape. I sanded and then inked the edges of the paper with black ink. Then, instead of glitter around the edges, I glued down silver chenille pipe cleaners (I like the vintage-y look of them) and instead of paper words I used faux typewriter keys to spell out Halloween-esque words. I added LOTS more ribbon than was called for, a jack o lantern jingle bell, and a stylish witches hat and crown (fashion first as they say!)

I saved them and use them to decorate year after year...this year, I plopped them in a vase that was on my mantle...

So THERE, dear NanE, no more "holding out" on you! lol

More soon! Hugs,
Paula Clare


Sandy said...

I swear Nan and me are sisters from other mothers!!!! I was going to ask that very same question....I love those shakers!!!!!!

vivian said...

HI Paula, your shaker wands are adorable. I made something similar today to send to a friend for her birthday! Except that mine was a pumpkinhead!
have agreat week!

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula,

Those are darn cute, I just love handmade goodies.


NanE said...

LOL, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I really want to make some and I actually found the same cat image the other day (or one very similar) and posted a link to it last Friday in my Friday Freebies post. You did a wonderful job on these and a great explanation too! Hugs and blessings, Nan

PS, Yes, I'm starting to think Sandy and I came from the same gene pool, lol! Maybe it's just our Ohio roots?