Thursday, September 2


Greetings, cowgals!

I have a few more installments in our Wild West Tag goodness the tags just keep getting cuter and cuter! Behold the latest:

From Jody at Home And Heart:

Just look at the stamped muslin and plethora of doodads all around!

And then, this unexpected surprise...a cowboy a hostess gift! Too, too kind!

And just look at this adorable little shaker full of blue glitter! The steer on front and the wire are wonderful touches!

And then, Debbie of Creations By Debbie Jean sends these two cuties:

Look at the stamped images in the background and the details added to each!

And just look at the back! A picture of the cowgirl herself with her horse Stormy!

Then these from Tracy Suzanne at Cotton Pickin Cute:

A covered wagon for heaven's sake! WOW! And just look at that beading at the bottom!

And the 3D images on the back! Whoever gets these tags will want to display them so both sides can be admired! And here's the second...

"Cowboy" spelled out with twine! How creative is that?!?!

And the back every bit as "swell" as the front! SO CUTE!

I have 3 more gals still sending in their can be sure they'll be posted HERE as soon as they arrive! As your swap hostess, my biggest dilemma is going to be figuring out which ones to swap and which ones to keep!

All you gals have blown me away with your incredible talent! YEEEEEEEEEHAW!

More soon! Hugs and Pony Kisses!
Paula Clare


Mary said...

They all are wonderful! MAkes me wanna saddle up the horse now! (if I had a horse that is). You ladies are so talented!!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Paula! Each one is just so adorable! I so wish I'd had time to play in this was just about my busiest time of the year, unfortunately!

Isn't it wonderful, all the creativity in this bloggy world of women?!

Hope you have a most beautiful day!


NanE said...

Holy Saddle Bags, those tags are all so darn cute! Everyone has done such a great job. I'm so glad I joined in!

Scrap for Joy said...

I have been so amazed by the imagination shown in these tags for your swap. I was not able to participate this time but I have sure enjoyed seeing all of them. The bracelet from Jody is amazing and just the perfect gift for the Rodeo Queen! I bet you can't stop smiling!

Home and Heart said...

I am just thrilled to be included in the same group as all these talented gals!!
I see a charm fell off, SO sorry!! I have to lightly twist the bracelet to get the charms to hang "right."

Thanks again! Yipee Kai Aye!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Paula. I'm so glad mine arrived today. I remember after mailing it that I forgot to erase those lines around my twine cowboy. Please hit it with an eraser. I'm so embarrassed. I hope to one day get as neat as you gals.

Everybody's tags are so cute. I want one of each!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Celestial Charms said...

Oh my gosh, another batch of wonderful creations. I so admire all the pretty details which appear on all.