Wednesday, August 25


Howdy, pardners!

I have been feverishly tryin to figure out what kind of album to make for your wonderful Wild West Tags, and...when it was all said and done, I realized an album jist wouldn't do the trick. After all, I'm an ALTERED ART ARTIST not a scrapbooker...what would work better for my "over-the-top-and-embellished-to-death" style of creatin? A box! Yes! That's it, I'll use a box...

I got this way cool box at a bookstore somewhere in Florida on one of our mad campin' trips. It already looked like wood, and was full of all kinds of papers, doodads and whatnots. I jist loved it and decided to bring it home and use it fer somethin special. Well this is it!

Here's the front o' the box. I had such fun makin it look all shabby and wild west! My too-spoiled friend Debbie made the "faux suede" letters for me"...thank you! I added denim (cause what is the wild west without Levis?) and bandana (cause I just can't see the one and not think of the other!) and then lots of old and new letters, papers, and such.

Here's the inside o' the lid...

This is a photo of a little mountain lady said to have traded her live bait to a passerby for a can of snuff (see her pocket)! As our Native American friends would say, "GOOD TRADE!" lol

And then the inside o' the box looks like peelin' paint. I just love this paper...came with the box!

Now I feel free to make each tag a page of their own! I can make pockets and cards on fabric and paper, and "doodad" them up to my hearts content! My only thought is, "I wonder if this box is big enuff?" lol

Happy Trails, cowpokes!
Paula Clare


Levonne said...

I like how the west was fun collage. Clever.

Angela said...

SO cute and fun!!

Jo said...


My sister is an avid camper. I would like to make her a camper tag like the cute ones you made. I know I am being bold but may I please have an outline or copy so that I can make one for her.

Thank you so much.

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, You do know your are start'n ta sound kinda funny! Your box is the best idea! Can't wait to see the doo dads! By the way, EEK! Your tags arrived today perfectly perfect in every way. I adore them, and they will be such a great addition to the banner. I like that you suggested I can doo dad the panels. I can see now how this idea will work with your Wild West box. I've got my thinking cap on! Oh, also by the way, I happened to be in Hallmark's today (You have to give the stuffed Frankie a squeeze - made me giggle) and saw a camper ornament for this year! Thought of you! Have a great day - I have added photos to my original "E" post! E

barncat said...

What a neat whatchamacallit! I love how you've decorated it, perfect. :) Wonderif it will be big enough??

I picked up some super great cowboy/wild west fabric at Goodwill yesterday and thought of you, there's tons! Need any fabric covered anything to go in there?

Celestial Charms said...

What a lovely box..great idea!

Home and Heart said...

Oh how C-U-T-E!!!! My tags are on their way!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!