Wednesday, May 26


Greetings, dear reader!

I have just happened across Danielle Thompson's newest digital kit release: Granny's Attic. It is FULL of vintage yummies...

Anyway, for some reason, the ribbon rosettes and the lace reminded me of those wonderful old "horse race awards." So I have created a "You Inspire Me" blog award ribbon to be given out each month.

This month's winner is (of course) Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! Her blog always makes me smile and gives me inspirational ideas for breathless creativity! Thanks, E!

Each blog award will be a different style, color...stay tuned! Maybe YOUR BLOG will be June's Inspiration Award Winner!

THANK YOU to all my friends in make my life richer than I'd ever imagined!

Peace, out!
Paula Clare


vivian said...

what a sweet little award. And I'm with you, Elizabeth is very inspiring! I also love your blog ribbon (cant thing of what E is calling these!) I am going to make one very soon.. though its been on my list of things to do for a while. I'm just been soooo busy and bogged down in other areas, that I havent been up to my normal creative self. working on getting back to that point though!
have a great day Paula Clare!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, How could you possibly know that I love this type of ribbon. I am into collecting them now! (Well I have one!) You are too sweet to make this and award it to me. I just love it! Cowboy and cowgirl? Maybe just their heads as ornaments (Lol) "Cutting" back is "killing" me! You sleigh me Paula! E

A Vintage Chic said...

I love it, Paula! Elizabeth is CERTAINLY deserving of your lovely award--fabulous ribbon, by the way!

WHERE can I get that amazing "Granny's Attic" digi set??? I've been looking all over since I saw this today trying to get it, and I can't find where to buy it! YIKES! Could you let me know when you get a second?

Thanks so much!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Julie!
I thought I connected the photo to a link?!

You can get it as part of the kit at:

Here's a direct link:

Lots of other goodies included in the Digi Files #17! Good luck!

Morgalicious said...

This is such a cool blog!