Saturday, April 3


Greetings dear reader!


As promised, I am here to share some of the home decorations and play a bit of show and tell! Some of the pieces are new, some are repurposed, and some are treasured heirlooms given to me by relatives...but first, the Easter hubbub...Target had the most adorable red and aqua patioware! I just couldn't say no!


The glass was just so fun...and had GLITTER! Who could say no to glitter?!  And the little chick and bunny? Sidewalk chalk from the dollar store! The red bicycle makes it so playful, don't you think? The three nesting baskets are also from the dollar store...I LOVE them!

My next set of pictures are decorations elsewhere in the house:

Some of my favorite treasures are in these pictures...the vase head collection my favorite aunt gave me, the vintage bunnies are from Diane at Saturday Finds. The repurposed burlap wall hanging was created by me, as was the paper lantern sitting next to the basket of flowers on my primitive bench. The above ADORABLE cake topper was a swap gift from Collage Contessa...I LOVE it's pale, soft colors! The vintage millinery daffodils are from another swap...aren't they wonderful? The Madonna Easter Egg was purchased with other handmade ornaments at an estate sale. I think it's beautiful! I may have to try my hand at such although generally anything "fragile" doesn't fare too well under my care. :-p

Since I realize this post has been photo overload, I've posted additional pics of my antique vase collection on Flickr for those of you who care!

And, NO, I have NOT forgotten about the will be worth waiting for...promise!
Peace and love,
Paula Clare


She'sSewPretty said...

I love all of your decorations Paula. What a coincidence...I'm headed to Target this afternoon. I'll have to look for those cute plates.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, You're back, you're back, I am so happy! Just look at your Paula inspired background and banner. Happy, happy! You have come "home" renewed with creative energy bursting to be shared! I am so excited that you made a blog ribbon. I would love to share it on my own blog to encourage others to join our wonderful "club". I am off now to finally begin preparing for nine at Easter dinner. Blessings to you and your family, again hipity hop, I am so glad you are back! Elizabeth

Faith Lynn said...

Wow!!! Do you ever sleep? Hahaha...I actually am amazed at the outpouring of your creativeness!!! I haven't aged as well as you my friend, for I am lucky to even create a card!!!

You are my my hero!
Faith Lynn

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

Awesome piccy's, thanks for sharing! I hardly ever decorate for holidays, so I don't have much stuff to show off. The only holiday I put any kind of effort into is Christmas......I'm such a grinch! I envy all you ladies that have holiday goodies to share, so I can get my fix by flitting around from blog to blog!


vivian said...

happy Easter to you and your family Paula! beautiful decorations! looks like youre all set to enjoy the day!