Friday, March 28


Greetings friends, bloggers and fellow party-goers! Only one day left before the big are just a few reminders to help make our evening together most enjoyable:

1. Don't forget to vote for the lighting scheme you are most partial to. This will be the basis for our Bloggers Ball decor.

2. Admission into the Ball (chat) is a photo of your Ball Gown. It can be made of anything, as simple or elaborate as you wish. And, oh! DO come up with your title and name so you can be properly announced once in the Grand Hall!

3. Arrive and stay til midnight...or as long as you can! I'll be your hostess and will (of course) be here the entire time.

4. Feel free to invite a guest...perhaps make an additional outfit for them, or ask them to quickly throw something together. Guests do not have an entry requirement.

5. Bring some of your favorite tunes "with you." We can get them on the player in real time so we can dance to them!

HAVE FUN! I will meet you all here at 6 pm (Central Standard Time) tomorrow evening. There will be a chat window...all you have to do is sign in and voila! You've entered the Grand Hall of the palace!

And, oh! Don't forget to go by and say hello to our court
Miss Chris will be with us in court jester attire (please post a photo, missy!) and will have us in stitches all evening!

Until tomorrow! PEACE!


Maija said...

Hi Paula!
I just received your generous, amazing package of goodies for the Vintage Indie Swap. Thanks you! I will have so much fun with this stuff!!!

Angeleeenee said...

I hope the bloggers ball was a raving success. Sorry I missed it!!!

Love Ya~