Monday, November 28


Greetings dear readers!

Well, in my typical fashion, I am foregoing the "rules" for the photo challenge and completing it a couple days early. (TRY THO I MAY I SIMPLY SEEM UNABLE (?) TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!) I guess it's the creative "inner artist" in perpetual rebellion against the perpetual "inner critic" (whom, I have, over the years, finally SILENCED...I think! lol)

I have the New Year's Eve Craft Along to consider...and must get word out about that, SOooooooooo here are the final entries of the November Gratitude Photo Challenge: 

Nov. 27: Daily Routine

I often suspect I know how the mailperson feels..."through rain or snow or sleet or hail...." THIS GUY has to have his walks. 3x daily please...

Webster has actually been a great gift in our lives in that it has kept the hubs and I from becoming ... what's that word... SEDENTARY! The stubborn little schnauzer is just determined to walk regardless the weather. AND this little guy (don't know if its his genetic heritage from Austria? Bavaria? SOMEPLACE near Germany) LOVES the snow and cold weather. I've shared with you in another post the climate I am most partial to:

A pic of me and my friend Meleah on the beach at Ft. Meyers, Florida last February. SO WONDERFUL!

November 28: Night Time and November 29: Light

 A few scenes from the all night prayer vigil I held a week ago...I love the candle lit sanctuary and the peace that is so tangible during these prayer meetings...

And finally, November 30th: Self Portrait!

It's the pic I took of me with my new camera from the Hubs for Mother's Day. I've gotten rave reviews over the glasses, hair AND the camera! Win/win! lol

Stay tuned tomorrow for details about the New Years Eve Craft Along!


vivian said...

hi Paula, every time I start one of those challanges, I never finish! so good for you, no matter how you did it, you did it!
so I'm waiting to hear what your crafty idea is!
happy day!

A Vintage Chic said...

Love your beautiful photos, Paula--fabulous! Your self portrait is beautiful, my friend! Love that you made up your own rules for the challenge--perfect!

I had a schnauzer when I was growing up--the best dog I ever had.

Hope your have a wonderful day, my friend!


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, you are having such fun with your new camera! What a joy for you.
I took to heart your advice of needing to express myself in some creative way. Giggling here! There is no Block Party! I am writing a book for my daughter called The Blog!
I am so embarrassed for the misunderstanding.