Sunday, October 16


Greetings, dear reader! YES, it is I once again...TWICE in one week! Do not die of surprise, I have something AMAZING to show/tell you!

Ever since I hosted the Vintage Camper Tag Swap I have dreamed of having a REAL campground with vintage campers...where I could play "Campground Host" for REAL. Well, while scouring the internet to see if the idea was a viable one (WHO CARES?!) I found THIS amazing little Campground:

And just look at some of the campers you can stay in:

A Rose Colored 62 Shasta Airlyte called Sally!

A DREAMY 62 Teepee Trailer called "The Flamingo Lounge!

And my absolute FAVE...Lucy, a 1963 Shasta! It looks very much like another vintage camper I know and LOVE:

A 1973 Fleetwing named MaryLou. (After my intrepid traveler mom). Will you indulge me as I share my "accomodations sales pitch" I would use if Mary Lou were added to the campground?

Mary Lou boasts a Cowgirl Interior, with handmade denim cusions and upcycled Levis placemats with bandana "belts"!

A two burner gas cooktop...

A working pump and washbowl...

Rope trimmed cabinets...

And red bandana curtains!

Lots of original cowgirl altAred Art:

And comfortable sleeping accomodations for two (miniature schnauzer not included)
It just occured to me I don't have a picture of the bed! I MUST add that to my to-do list! I want to show you the quilt that pulls it all together and the little Annie Oakley pillow I made to go with it! Oh! Anyway, back to the Starlite Campground...

AND it's in Colorado...could ANYTHING be more perfect?!?! I see another road trip in our future!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little time to dream with me! More soon!

Paula Clare


Ann Nichols said...

So so neat! Takes me back a few years to when I was a little girl (okay... many years!) and traveled Rt 66 and many other roads with my parents and our trailer! So much fun! Thanks!

Lynn said...

I would love to stay there and one of the vintage trailors would be heaven.
Thanks for sharing with us!

GardenofDaisies said...

How fun!! Your Mary Lou would look perfect there.