Friday, February 11


Greetings, dear readers! I thought I'd share with you a podcast created to help those of you who may just be entering the wonderful world of altered art! I hope you find it helpful, amusing, or at least, a happy time waster!  Enjoy!

 More soon!


vivian said...

HI Paula Clare, I'm such a dope! I meant to mail your valentine card yesterday and totally forgot. It will go out this morning. I doubt you'll have it by V day though :(
oh speaking of being forgetful, just remmebered that I have to get my hair but in 45 minutes! glad I remembered now!
have a great weekend

E said...

Hi Paula,
I started a blog (finally) and your my first entry :) Come on over for a visit at Honeysuckle Hollow, E in TN

Diane Mars said...

Paula~ I received your Cowboy Valentine and it is oh so sweet and special, since Valentines Day is almost here and gone I am going to create something for Spring for you. I hope you are ok with that? Hugs From Diane in California