Monday, September 20


Greetings, dear reader!

It is with much embarrassment that I share with you the following...AGAIN. However I have spent as much time as I am willing to commit (no fewer than 5 days and 4+ hours per day) searching over every kilobyte and file in this computer for the list of blog/tag swapper addresses that I compiled and committed to the ether (via storage data).

Intelligent and organized souls, like Elizabeth of Creative Breathing and Sandy of 521 Lake Street have not relied on technology but, instead, have created a Rolodex of their bloggy friends. BRILLIANT! Have *I* done so? No. SHOULD I have done so? YES! Instead, I relied (once again) on technology which (once again) has failed me. My email file where I was keeping said addresses sent to me was in a happy subfolder under my Website file. During our last tag swap (The Happy Camper Camporee Swap) the subfolder vanished from my Thunderbird email but was still on my Gmail server. (a bullet dodged to be sure)

HOWEVER, when going to retrieve the subfolder from my gmail account, I have discovered, that, much to my chagrin, the folder is GONE...AGAIN!


I try and try to be a good keep my "ducks in a row" as it were...however I fear technology has again (to stay with the "duck metaphor") hidden in the duck blind and duly BLASTED my subfolder with a shotgun...leaving feathers flying, but tags STILL unmailed and yours truly red-faced and forced to, once again PLEAD with all you Wild West Swappers to send to me again, via email, your snail mail addresses.

I DID have the foresight to snag the return address from a few scavenged envelopes as your tags came to me via post...however, I did NOT do so with ALL (because I was just so excited I tore into them like a kid on Christmas morning...leaving shreds of paper, envelopes, and (sadly) addresses lying in a heap on the floor).

And yes, it's true you can choose to turn a deaf ear to the inane ramblings of this swap hostess (duly self-dubbed "Faily McFailerson")...

But if you would like your Wild West Tags, and other swappy goodness, won't you please send me an email with your address? YET AGAIN? And I WILL (oh yes I WILL) make a NON-technological Rolodex with all addresses included, never to bother you with such trivia again.

Really. I'll do it. Elizabeth and Sandy, feel free to ask me occasionally, "Why Paula Clare, how is that Rolodex coming along?"

Yours in Technologically Induced Shame,
Paula Clare


NanE said...

ROFLOL! Paula you crack me up! Those pictures are priceless! OOPS, did I use too many "!" Oh well! I just sent you an email with my addy, have a wonderful day, Nan

NanE said...

Paula, I wanted to tell, in case you didn't know, and please don't take this wrong but.... did you know that your readers might not be able to see the button to leave a comment? I didn't see it until I moused over the white box at the bottom of your post and it popped up by accident. If it's just my inexperience as a new blogger you can tell me and I'll just slink off to the rock I crawled out from under, LOL! Have a great day, xxoo Nan

Paula Clare said...

Hi Nan! Your advice was well taken...and heeded! The LAST thing I want my blog to do is cause someone any EXTRA grief (although to read my previous post one would have to wonder, wouldn't one?)

Anyhoodlyhoo, thank you!

vivian said...

lol! You remind me of me. I started my rolodex.. And oh so want it to be as special as E's.. but I'm lucky if I have 10 plain cards in there with addresses on them. I will one day finish it and hopefully it will be cute.. probably will never rise to the awesome level as E's though.
anyways.. good luck on those addresses!