Tuesday, August 24


Greetings, cowgirls!

I'm reposting my Art Quilt Giveaway to give more of you a chance to enter! The drawing is August 31st...so you can enter up to August 30 at midnight! Be sure to post your comments on this or the August 12 post! I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner, so even if you've won one of my contests/drawings before, sign up!


Greetings, cowgirls!

As promised, this Wild West Tag Swap is gearin' up and gittin' good! I have an incredibly wonderful giveaway for one lucky pardner! Behold the art quilt:

A commissioned work created for me by the incredible Pam Snow of Treasures n Textures, the quilt is a mere 6 x 9.5. The message reads:

"In the East, a girl's gotta have charm, in the West, all a girl needs is a gun, charm can come later."

Pam's fabric Western Postcards caught my eye:

as well as her fabric Western book and quilt. Go here to see all the amazing photos of her work!

Leave a comment and a link about your favorite Wild West film, image or place on THIS POST, and I'll enter you into the drawing! Drawing will be held on August 31st, the day I mail out all of the tags in the swap!

YEEEEEEEEEHAW! Hang on to yer hats, ladies! A stampede of wild west goodies is comin yer way!

Cowpoke and Ranch Hand,
Paula Clare

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Debbie said...

oh how I love the Western Quilt Paula...she is incrediabler