Thursday, August 12


Greetings, cowgirls!

As promised, this Wild West Tag Swap is gearin' up and gittin' good! I have an incredibly wonderful giveaway for one lucky pardner! Behold the art quilt:

A commissioned work created for me by the incredible Pam Snow of Treasures n Textures, the quilt is a mere 6 x 9.5. The message reads:

"In the East, a girl's gotta have charm, in the West, all a girl needs is a gun, charm can come later."

Pam's fabric Western Postcards caught my eye:

as well as her fabric Western book and quilt. Go here to see all the amazing photos of her work!

Leave a comment and a link about your favorite Wild West film, image or place on THIS POST, and I'll enter you into the drawing! Drawing will be held on August 31st, the day I mail out all of the tags in the swap!

YEEEEEEEEEHAW! Hang on to yer hats, ladies! A stampede of wild west goodies is comin yer way!

Cowpoke and Ranch Hand,
Paula Clare


Home and Heart said...

How CUTE!! MY favorite Wild West Film is John Wayne. I know it's not a film, but to me he IS Westerns!! Rooster Cogburn, The Searchers, The sons of Katie Elder...................and so many more!!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Wow love the art quilt you commissioned from Pam.

Tombstone is the one for me. Gotta love Curt Russell & Val Kilmer in that movie. We have watched it so many times.

Hope you're enjoying this last of the summer weekends.

Michle said...

There are so many great western movies out there. I guess I have to say my very favorite is Lone Dove. You just have to Love that Gus. I love the quilt, Clare. Have a great weekend.

Old Machala Farm

Michele said...

I don't have a favorite film, but I would say any western with Clint Eastwood excites me!

Love this little quilt.....awesome!


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Wild West for me was visiting Old Tucson - being onsite of John's moviemaking sets as well as the Back to the Future movie series' western episode. Good memories! thx for asking ;)
and WELL DONE for your cute tags and quilt (:

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, your tags are so cute!
I am so glad I came across your blog!
Have a good night~