Wednesday, July 28


Greetings, cowpokes!

(Amazing Rodeo Hearts from the Incredible Elizabeth of Creative Breathing!)

I thought I'd rustle up a list o' things that I am NOT...(Idea stolen from friend, "Collage Contessa"). For those of you runnin' around the corral with a morbid sense o' curiosity, this post should suffice...for a while anyway!

Okay...let's git this roundup rollin!I am NOT a morning person...well, unless we're talkin early EARLY mornin' 2ish or 3ish! Which, when ya think about it, explains why I'm not a "typical" day shift type mornin' person!
  1. I am NOT a person who will, when asked for an honest opinion, withhold because what I think might not be "nice"...although I try very hard to be a "nice monk" whenever possible!
  2. I am NOT a neat and tidy creative person! My craft corral (on any given day) looks like a stampede ran through it. Although I like a somewhat neat workspace (table), things tend to get REAL messy REAL fast!
  3. I am NOT a lover of any thing purple! I don't like purple. Any shade of purple. In fact, the only redeeming quality I find in purple is that it is created by the primary colors red and blue. Nope. Not an "I Shall Wear Purple" kinda gal.
  4. I am NOT a "Negative Nelly". I tend to see the good in people and events...(it's kinda my job as a therapist to do that). But even if it WEREN'T, I would far rather somebody leave me feelin like there's hope and better days comin', than be a "naysayer" or "prophet of doom" regarding their circumstances. My strong belief that there is "always purpose in the pain" comforts me and I hope comforts others.
  5. I am NOT a believer in "they're just animals...they don't have emotions." All you have to do is own a dog or cat (even a fish) and you can detect a little personality coming through. My now deceased family finned friend, Tobi was proof that a Betta can be fun and even a bit mischievous. (Laugh! Mock me if you will...I'd have enrolled him in fish school had he endured his illness!) Go here to see a slideshow that pays homage to my little friend!
  6. I am NOT one who necessarily believes in the "they are beyond hope" theology...I have seen many, MANY people (myself included) who have rallied after life-altering become a better person; an authentic person! I often back the "dark horse" because I know what it is to be the "long shot" outta the gate!
  7. I am NOT afraid to tell someone that I love them, appreciate them, find them inspiring, or wonderful while they are alive and can accept the compliment. Please SPARE ME the kind and flowery eulogies if you didn't say the same things about the person while they were among the livin'!
There you have it. Hope you enjoyed my "Things That I Am NOT" list! What kinds of things are YOU ...NOT?!?!


Nan said...

I enjoyed reading your list very much. I especially relate to #1. I tend to be like you on this one and #3 on the color purple. I bought my friends Suburu and you guessed it the car was purple or plum as they call it. Variation on shades of purple I like but not out and out purple I'm with you. It does make it easy when pointing out one's car, "It's the purple one!"

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I think we are the same person! (Except for the neat part, too funny I am posting about being organized today)I hate purple! My sister-in-law's entire home is PURPLE, even the kitchen!!!!! Yes I will absolutely send you some cut out bluebirds that you can use as templates. They are to die for! I don't even have one of those presses. It was on sale, I take it too my scrapbook store to use their Ellison. I posted your Wild West tags today. Can't wait to see your book. I so enjoyed your post today! E

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula dear,

As Elizabeth said..."I think we are the same person," too. I am exceptionally honest and it gets me in trouble a lot, but knowing there are others like me, helps. Keep being the wonderful person you are, because you're amazing!

Love ya'