Tuesday, May 25


Greetings, dear readers!

The Happy Camper Camporee Tag Swap is in full swing! The campers are beginning to arrive...first to pull up in the Magic Cottage Driveway: Elizabeth's Vintage Caravan:

It's a red and aqua dream!

OR...if you're one of those "pink ladies" who prefer something a bit more feminine:

A gorgeous PINK caravan! 

How completely adorable...and doesn't the little red haired lady remind you of a certain "someone" in "The Long, Long, Trailer?"

I will post more as the campers arrive! Isn't this exciting?  

Your Campground Host,
Paula Clare


Linda Ruthie said...

That is exciting!
Paula, I don't have your mailing address, unless I missed that info somewhere along the way. If you would rather email it to me instead of posting it on your blog, that's fine. You can send it to lindaout@comcast.net. Thanks!

Cindy said...

I have my supplies bought..and my sketches done..just waiting for this weekends wedding to be over with..before I make a mess in the Family room..lol
As always Elizabeth has made some cute ones!!

Cindy from the campground in Texas..Rick-Rack and Gingham

barncat said...

Aren't Elizabeth's campers adorable! I'd love to make you one, aqua it is!

TheNormanFive said...

Those are sooooooo cute....