Saturday, May 22


Greetings, dear reader!

I am back from a GLORIOUS trip to Lake Michigan and the Chalet on the Lake! The entire trip was so refreshing...sleeping in EVERY DAY, no particular schedule, no appointments, no meals to cook except for what we wanted to fix! BLISS!

Vintage campers forever on my mind, we spied this little treasure on the way to the lake:

A vintage Caravan parked under the shade of an old tree...

And...always on the prowl for the quirky and kitschy, we spied this little restaurant...

And this is what we saw upon our arrival at the chalet:

Beautiful! Peaceful! No Sound but that of the waves upon the shore...ahhhhhhh.

More pictures of this amazing northwoods area later this evening!

Paula Clare


Linda Ruthie said...

Is that Coconut Creme Pie??? And on such a pretty plate. Yes, it's lunchtime and I'm hungry.
Love all the wonderful RR pics. How can anyone not love trains? I'm so glad you had a relaxing time.
That vintage camper is just about the shade I'm using for my camper tags. I had a quick question regarding our swap. As I haven't swapped tags before, I was wondering if we are to allowed to decorate the back of the tag? I don't want to disappoint the other swappers by assuming I know what to do.
I'll check back later to see more pictures of your trip.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Linda! Yes, PLEASE feel free to decorate the back of the tag...whether you just cover the chipboard with paper and/or cardstock, or whether you decorate it to look like the other side of the camper...whatever you feel like doing is fine! Remember that somewhere on your tag needs to be your name and the name of your blog...sometimes the back is a good place for that!

Can't wait to see your tagalicious creations!

Cindy said...

Coconut Creme Pie..water lapping the shore..sunsets and trains..oh my..Heaven!!!

I have a question..first time to use do you cut that sucker? lol

Have a great time camping..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Paula Clare said...

Hi CIndy!
I use large household scissors to cut the chipboard. It doesn't need to be ultra thick, just sturdier than paper. :-) Then if the edges are a bit choppy, I use an emery board to sand them smooth...make it conform to your will! You can do it! lol

Tracy Suzanne said...

OMG those pictures of Lake Michigan are amazing. Now I understand why people say they are going to the beach when they go to the lake. I never really realize how big it is. And those shots are amazing. I want to there so bad now.

ooxx...Tracy :)

Samantha said...

What a wonderful vacation! Everything looks so beautiful!