Friday, April 9


Greetings, dear readers!

I yesterday received the most wonderful package in the retro tags from Elizabeth over at Creative Breathing...they are the most ingenious, adorable things! Behold:

Amazing, yes? Also, I was scouring about my craft room today and found this! It just HAS to be included in the groovy retro giveaway!

Can you STAND such groovyness? Okay, all of you 70s children, sing along:

"Day by day, day by day, Oh dear Lord, three things I pray..."

Anybody having flashbacks yet? lol

More soon!

Paula Clare


Julie said...

Hi Paula! Weren't the tags amazing?! So much fun all together! I love your stove tag--my girls really thought it was cool--and I love your "Nuclear Turkey" recipe!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Heleen said...

The tags are beautiful!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Paula. These tags are awesome. I so wished I would have joined in on this one but there is no way I could have come close to these. Love them!

I remember the Godspell era. As a matter of fact I just recorded the movie on dish but haven't watched it yet. I never saw the movie but loved the soundtrack.

Have a beautiful weekend...Tracy :)

Nan said...

The tags made by all the ladies are just spectacular. I admire their talent. Yes the old Godspell I do remember that.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula! Seeing our tags not in my own house is like seeing them for the first time again - they are all just so wonderful! Are you participating in my August "Wish You Were Here" postcard swap? There is a little blurb about it several posts down on my blog, and I have a button as a reminder since it is so far away. Julie, A Vintage Chic and I are working on prototypes. Should be lots of fun - OMG! Yours could be Route 66! Think about it - plenty of time! E OH too funny, my verification word goes right along with your Godspell album - "Yeuhip"