Monday, April 5


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, here is the VERY COOL Retro Giveaway, coming to you LIVE from my groovy, crafting pad...

Specifically, here's what's up for grabs:

1 very cool, vintage quilted retro craft apron (one size fits EVEN ME!)

1 retro package of super cool shelf paper...MUSHROOMS of course! And a vintage piece of happenin' fabric...what could YOU do with it?

A  beautiful, vintage photograph/scrapbook MINT condition! SWEET!

A happy, springy tablecloth created from vintage fabric and trims! You'll make your table happy, trust me!

A far out retro cup...with a designer fabric pin beads, coordinating pins, made by yours truly. :-)

A hand full of totally mod paper flowers...and the warm, lovely glow you see in the photographs? A set of LED orange lights...

A Hambly Screen Prints Overlay...Whoooooooooooo loves ya, baby?!

And a bottle of patchouli roll-on essential oil. No self respecting hippie would be caught without it!Oh how I wish blogs had "smellavision" capabilities!

And a far out ATC made by me:

In honor of my mom who thought all things 70s were inherently evil (lol) I will draw the lucky winner on her birthday, April 24th.

So "What must I DO?" you ask, "to be declared the most groovy chick in the Aquarian galaxy?" Easy! Here's how:

1. Leave a comment on this post declaring your fave 1960s or 1970s tune. (remember to leave contact info too!)
2. If you follow my blog, I'll give you an additional entry!
3. If you blog about this happy event, and snag this TOO COOL FOR WORDS button, I'll enter you twice again! 
4. If you tell me one way you bring peace to the world, I'll enter you yet another time! 

YAY! Such FUN!

Peace in the hood, ya'll!
Paula Clare aka Daisy Grace (my hippie moniker)


vivian said...

hi Daisy Grace! I have soooo many favorite songs from the 70's, scroll down past all the big band music on my playlist and theres over a hundred songs from the 70s there. I think one of my most favorites is dancing in the moonlight by kingharvest! (its my ringtone on my cell right now!) Anyways.. Im a 70's girl for sure! as for keeping the peace? I'm a social worker working with juvenile delinquent boys.. I'm always promoting PEACE and truth, and kindness.. and not breaking the law! lol!!
have a great day daisy grace!

She'sSewPretty said...

Daisy Grace!! Fun and funky! I was going to say my favorite 60's song was Unchained Melody...then I looked it up and it was published in 1955. So now I feel old. How about Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. That was a favorite one too and it is from 1971, which still makes me feel old. ouch!

annemarie said...

How about the Beatles - love all of their hits - and how about the hair. I remember their first US tour so you know I am an "oldie".

Erin said...

Please enter me. My favorite 70s song is Sad Eyes.


Creative Breathing said...

Groovy Baby! I love your ATC! E

Angela Shope said...

Oh wow...I love love love the cool stuff in this giveaway!
One of my favorite songs from the 70's is "I Like Dreamin" by Kenny Nolan. And anything by the Eagles...still one of my all time favorite groups to this day!

I'm already a "follower" :) and while I'm not a "blogger" I will post a link to this on my Facebook page, along with the "button". Hope that counts.

As for bringing peace to the world...I pray for all those in authority in this country and around the world, and I endeavor to obey God's word which says in Romans 12:18~ “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. ..."

Kari said...

Ha!! I love this!! What a great idea, the kids I work with would fight over all of this but the Patchouli would be MINE!:) If I have to pick and being a hippie at heart this is super tough but right now it would be, Cat Stevens Father and Son. With a my only son at eighteen I want to cry even thinking about that song. Oy, they grow up so fast!

Nan said...

Well Paula you are too cool with your give aways. The gnomes have to be my favorite however .

Heleen said...

I'm just catching up reading blogs... guess I'm a little to enter your give away. But if I had a chance I think the apron is georgeous!