Friday, April 2


Greetings, (again) dear reader!

Here's the little egg crayon caddy I made for Mason. It's a little different (of course) than the original, because I think fat crayons have a better chance of surviving the little hands than the thinner ones. :-) I added some "theme" stickers just for fun...

Sorry about the lousy camera is in rebellion for some reason. Note the tedious hand stitching. :-)  It was really  quite fun to make...hope he carries it around with him so he can be creative at a moment's notice.

Tomorrow pics of the household decor and some new goodies for my retro kitchen! 

Hugs to all!

Paula Clare

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Jacqueline said...

Good Morning to you my friend. This crayon holder is so cute. I just think it's adorable. I can picture a little girl or big girl like me, picking her color and sticking her holder safely in her pocket. Your blog is as cute as can bee!
I'm hosting Gnomes Ahoy. I know you love them too. Come along and sign up. We set sail on the ship The Piccadilly on Monday.