Wednesday, January 13


Greetings, dear reader!

I am THRILLED with the excitement being generated by our little gnome party! What fun!

It occurred to me as I was thinking about gnomes, trolls and other such little fellows, that I had a childhood run-in with favorite aunt took my sister and me to see The Gnome Mobile! (You didn't really think we'd get through the month without it, did you?) I can STILL sing the theme song!

HA! Now YOU try to get that song out of your head! lol

Regarding my last post and the little Swedish Tomte: Shelly from Abundant Blessings writes:
Paula Clare,
Oh my gosh, thanks so much for your kind words about my little tomte. That was so sweet of you. I don't mind at all sharing them with you're readers. Actually, it is really kind of you to offer. I'm not sure what you are looking for but you are welcome to put a link to them or I can tell you a bit of background on them. Here's a bit of the story:

I am from a family of Swedish immigrants so tomte have always been around either in story form or in little figures and such. I decided to try my hand at making them and have had sooo much fun with them. My children even love to have input in their creation, they'll tell me "Mama, that one should be holding an ax" or "that one should be making bread". 

I will be doing more work on tomte and other things in the coming months. You may have noticed I have not posted anything on my blog in quite a few months. Our house in for sale and we are in the process of moving to another state so I have not had a lot of time for creating. I sell the tomte for around $20 each, give or take a bit depending upon the "extras" which I have to make to go with them (such as little loaves of bread, cooking pots etc). I would be happy to take any orders and can custom make them to be doing whatever someone wishes. I can "re-create" any of the ones I have already done but because of the handmade nature of them, they will have slight differences.

Well, I think I answered all your questions. It was so nice to meet you and visit your blog. You blog is really sweet and I have added it to my favorites.
Thanks again,
Abundant Blessings

Did you catch the oh-so-reasonable price of the adorable little tomte from my last post?! WOW! Such a deal! I'm thinking a girl gnome gathering daisies in a basket would be wonderful...and a boy gnome sitting on a mushroom petting a fawn! What thinks ye all?!?!

Be sure and read the comments for each post...lots of folks joining the party and posting gnomage on their blogs!

More soon!

Yours in Gnomedom,
Paula Clare

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GardenofDaisies said...

I remember when that movie came out!